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WildStar Dungeon Ruins of Kel Voreth Guides and methods
« on: June 23, 2014, 12:19:34 AM »
Despite KV is usually a level 20 dungeon, you can go to the dungeon whenever you reach level 17. It might be a trifle difficulty that you can complete the dungeon with low level as 17. It will be recommended to go into the dungeon on level 20.
You should stumble upon the first Boss shortly after you could have begin the dungeon. Slay the three Elites prior to Boss comes out.
Take notice of the position on the Elites. You'll be able to kill the left one along with the right one. Will not attract the middle Magic Elite. Watch the Traps also. Traps would stun you within certain time. Crush three Elites and the Boss are coming.
Bite: cause extremely high frontal damage. Except Tank, hardly any other classes should be in that area
Kicks: Hind legs hurt the enemy on the rear. This is simply not an enormous threat. DPS can attack on both sides from the boss.
Frenzy: In the center of themselves,  07 Rs Gold would hit the earth using the hind legs. Numerous stone would come from the ground. Enemy hit through the stone would hurt and become pushed. This skill would last for the circle complete. You possibly can avoid it by rolling the complete opposite of the skills. Note that rolling immediately at the same direction from the skill avoiding attack again.


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