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Australia men's basketball scrimmage
« on: June 12, 2014, 02:10:35 AM »
In tonight game of last, team first sent has nike flyknit lunar 1+ uk double controlled Wei of lineup, on this Hong Kong's frankwell explained road: "other whole field game is obviously of in control we of Defender, not let ball, this let we positions attack is is mess, we thought has last other may will more fierce of press, we hopes put ball control live, two a defender while presence more has capacity and grasp to control ball right. ”
In section II, there are 6 minutes left, Cinda handsome Wu Qinglong of Shaanxi wakes up the battle, two people in last year's national games have had a good cooperation. Wu Dao means ' know, helmeted invigorated the team he wants to use the bus, but unexpectedly, buses on the pitch three minutes, Jiang Su Tongxi made the 11:2 run. Buses on the floor throw twice, all fail, the data are for the embarrassing 0. In desperation, Wu Qinglong buses can only be replaced. Because the opponent's strong, that game to show the most direct and brutal bus is really old.

Australia men's basketball scrimmage last contest held at liyang, with Defender Liu Xiaoyu, Guangdong in the final 23 seconds before dropping them into the crucial three points, China resisted the Australia team back to victory 95:90, also with two WINS, two defeats and finished all  womens nike roshe run of the current Sino-Australian challenge games. And it is staged for the first time this year, Hong Kong's frankwell coached the new men's basketball "performance", for the performance of this young team, Gong Shuai say it much better than expected. "In fact four results are better than we thought," he said, "should be said this is a very valuable exercise, helps us to conclude next.


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