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fifa 14
« on: June 12, 2014, 12:29:01 AM »
Although built on EA’s new Ignite engine,FIFA 14 Coins
 on next-gen consoles plays very similarly to whatever you can have already experienced on 360/PS3. The typical  pace is quick and satisfying, complimented by lovely responsive controls. Both moving using the ball and passing throughout the pitch feels smooth and natural,  while player movement with added animations seems more fluid than its last-gen counterpart. It's afforded EA Sports the chance to then add activity lovely subtle  touches, including players ducking or jumping over teammates’ shots or extra stages of tricky footwork. My absolute favourite thing about how FIFA now plays,  however, would be that the ball just isn't glued towards players’ feet; it can be almost a unique physical object. In the same way in real-life, players can lose the ball through  over-control or overrunning it, it’ll transfer unpredictable ways after 50-50 clashes; it behaves just like a ball should.

Things i don’t like, however, is the series’ reliance upon preventing you from receiving the ball using some situations, which can be prevalent here just as before. You  likely know the situation; you’re jockeying to win the ball fairly, stick your foot in and knock it ten or twenty yards away from the opponent. It’s anyone’s  ball at this point, yet whether or not you keep with the tackling player or change to another unimpeded nearby, some invisible force prevents you from  getting there first, even though your chosen player’s direction and momentum would dictate they would clean up easily.


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