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Re: Deincentivising profit switching mining for doge....
« on: January 03, 2014, 02:01:53 AM »
In the long run I don't believe the mine and dump mentality actually hurts coins that have a leg to stand on.  Think about velocity of money.  The initial dumping of coins spreads them around putting them in more hands which down the road will make it easier for vendors to find customers willing to spend them for their products/services should they choose to accept it as payment.  When velocity increases so will adoption and it's a lot easier to gain velocity if the currency starts out in the hands of people who are willing to spend it on more than graphics cards and Shiba Inu posters.

This isn't Mooncoin, Fedoracoin, Nevergoinganywherecoin, this is Dogecoin.  It actually has potential and it will make it through this initial dumping phase unlike most others.  In 40 days we will likely see a temporary pause in dumping when the block value changes.  Dumping will still occur on occasion after that, between the releases of Worthlesscoin 897 and Failcoin 898, but will overall decrease.


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