Author Topic: The Ultimate Doge Game - Frist Round was 293 Deposits!  (Read 566 times)

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Your payout is funded by the "investors" who deposit after you.

Such Rules:
Minimum: 1000 DOGE - Maximum: 500,000 DOGE

Any deposits UNDER the minimum or OVER the maximum will be counted as DONATIONS to other "investors."
Do NOT send from a Web Wallet/Exchange since the return address may not work!
(Unsure? Test with a small amount!)

Due to many requests and suggestions we decided to end the DOGE Round #1 and change the way the game will be played. We changed some limits and now the Round will only last 24Hours.

Since we though it would be unDOGE like to change the rules mid round we sent our own DOGE coins to make sure everyone WON! (This will not happen again so please game responsibly)

Be sure to tune in the next round in 14 hours @


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