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Surprised! shocking Chinese slogans wishing
« on: January 05, 2015, 01:57:34 AM »
Surprised! shocking Chinese slogans wishing the Real Madrid of La Liga Barcelona kicked out of real love, La Liga appeared elements are not uncommon in China, Chinese Stadium billboards on the street, Ehrvall team of shareholder in China ... ... This time, however,zara knitwear uk      the "Chinese elements" is a bit ridiculous, says bunker is too much. Real Madrid's 2015 first game, away to "bat Regiment" Valencia, galacticos travel to Mestalla, as Real Madrid after winning the Club World Cup, Valencia and even lined up to welcome Real Madrid. Mestalla Stadium billboards filled with Chinese elements, including Billboard posters immediately caught Chinese fans fans: "Real Madrid-Barcelona knocked out of true love.

 "" Read "and" Barcelona "distinguish between two teams with a different color, a Real Madrid with Valencia's game, courtside advertising actually reads" Barcelona with Real Madrid ", the advertisement immediately got crazy on Twitter. But Billboard does not completely take shots of the game and eventually score on the field has attracted people's attention. Final 2:1 home reverse in Valencia Real Madrid put an end to Real Madrid's 22-game winning streak, Madrid media Marca say: "the records have become history. "Sanchez shot Captain visits arsenal in the FA Cup 2-0 win promotion. (United Kingdom 4th of 17 local time:30 per cent), two thousand fourteen-fifteenths season, the FA Cup 3rd round on a clash at the Emirates stadium zara shoes uk     by edging, 2:0 win over Hull City arsenal, per Mertesacker to be number one, shot Sanchez visits. Arsenal war nearly 8 hull with 7 WINS, 1 draw, Hull City away win over arsenal last time was in 2008. Both sides played FA Cup 6 times, arsenal 3-2-1 defeat to prevail, where the only defeat was in 1908. Historical confrontation both sides 20 matches, 13 WINS, 4 draws and 3 defeats at arsenal has the edge. Walcott first time in 1 year return to the starting, Ospina, beilailin, Mongolian reais and Campbell rotation stage. Arsenal's 4th-minute looped with Campbell after kicking down the walls combined with Sanchez get a single chance to the left of the penalty area, but his push was parried by hapoyong leg. Kekuilin foul on Steven tackles Quinn escaped punishment, hadesitong free kick shot Ospina saved. The 14 minute, Walcott passes, Sanchez after the shot on the right side of the area was blocked higher Jet. Hull City 15th minute access, but Tom INCE inside the right side of the penalty area cut their shot off the near post from 12 yards. Arsenal took the lead 20 minutes, Sanchez corner, Merte headed the Sark box edge.

The 22 minute, rosicky break-through, Sanchez had rounded hapohou box free shot to the right and shovel stuck out in time before the Macheyne line. On 26 minutes, Cazorla picked Walcott 8 yards on the left side of the area to push into Harper's hands. The first 30 minutes, Brady corner, Maguire headed goal Mertesacker skip, Ospina marginally confiscated.Arsenal continued to dominate in the second half, Sanchez edge low shot was confiscated, Campbell's low shot in the edge of the area. Maguire tackles Sanchez in a timely manner before the box. But Arsenal's 67th-minute missed Cazorla direct, Walcott pole poking out of 12 yards. The 74 minute, Walcott missed kekuilin direct. Arsenal on 82 minutes to widen, Cazorla passing, Sanchez, edge turns the area into the bottom right corner [click to see goal video],2-0. It was his 16th goal of the season. The first 90 minutes, Tom INCE wipe the edge of the box volley missed the top right corner. Arsenal appearances lineup (4-1-4-1): 13-Ospina; 39-beilailin, 21-Chambers, 4-per Mertesacker, 18-cast Thunder Asia,; 34-kekuilin; 14-Walcott, 7-rosicky, 19-Cazorla, 28-Campbell (91',70-Maitland-Nils); 17-Sanchez (84',38-akebomu) other game results: Dover 0-4 Crystal Palace Queens Park Rangers 0-3 Sheffield United Sunderland 1-0 Leeds Aston Villa 1-0 Southampton, Blackpool, Ipswich Stoke 3-1 Wrexham


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