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Superga sneakers set off a fashion craze
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:02:54 PM »

Superga sneakers set off a fashion craze, Italy Huber as the name of the temple (Superga),  victoria secret swimwear nz  one of the ancestor of the wave can be called to create canvas shoes. And the Republic of China in the same year (1911a.D) birth of the brand, had rubber boots as the main product, and curing technology in the late 19th century from the United States after the highly developed for the European footwear industry is good news, and successfully developed the first rubber soles of tennis shoes, sneakers fashion lot also to promote Europe. Superga sneakers set off fashion Superga by Northern Italy Turin, the main industrial city of economy and culture began its first steps step by step to universal fashion, feet a pair. In addition to sophisticated footwear technology and structural design, shoes 2750 classic unbeaten star is undeniable. Italy design of simple elegance, glance at the 2750 classic shoes.

Popular fashion and even spread to celebrity: film director Steven Spielberg, designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce, Hollywood stars Xi Anna Miller, Jai xikaaiba, Kristen Stewart, and Tang Saokai di ... ... Wait, Mashup, leisure, are very fashionable. Superga sneakers set off a fashion craze across the history of Superga, moves frequently in recent years, and extending to the Americas, Asia, recruited United States fashion celebrity Olsen twins both shareholders ' designers and invests heavily to recruit it girl Alexa Chung and the United Kingdom the new hip hop singer Rita ora served as 2011-12, 2013-voice, 2014-United Kingdom invites model sukiwaterhouse to serve as spokesmen at the same time, Asia has developed the first Chinese – Joseph Chang. In addition to working jointly with various brands such as: robertocavalli, and 10 Corso Como, and KristinAt, and Fendi, and Fiorucci, and Furla, one after another with European fashion tribes jointly launched the blonde salad, the man repeller, great praise, sold around the world. This Manager brand of end of the world war I, the financial tsunami, panic, in Italy people like the upright hilltop Roman Church Huber, how proud and exalted. Superga sails shoes hit Guinness records. style low-key not equivalent strength owes served, from Italy of canvas shoes King Superga, you on it of awareness may and the not Shang converse, and vans or Keds, even between on it full no impression

but this sat hold 102 years experience history of brand, not only just complies made rubber soles canvas shoes of ancestor, more badly have single by a double classic 2750 sails shoes, will success won " Italy national footwear "in the title, just over the brand has no fall-out of propaganda, we rarely pay attention to it. Until recently Superga shop airborne Hong Kong, eventually welcoming action brand. Superga sneakers hit celebrates opening of new stores makes the Guinness Book of records, earlier brands, together with Hong Kong students at the Savannah College of art and design, with the cannon manufacture than a jumbo version of 20 ft, height 8 ft long classic 2750, for an exhibition in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. Superga sneakers Superga set a Guinness Book of records first concept shop decorated in red and white because the melody, the central location with large billboards of classic 2750 attract people to see clearly. Commemorate the 100 anniversary of the birth of the brand and aerex century 2750 published, describing a classic 1925 2750 model, therefore a set of rubber toe cap much details, laces 釦 has changed to gold show, shoe design with a vintage flavor.


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