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Suazo, and kossou, and kongdisuyasuo
« on: December 20, 2014, 12:56:39 AM »
Suazo, and kossou, and kongdisuyasuo, and kossou, and kongdisuyasuo, Cossu, and Conte comes from Sardinian Club Cagliari, is here all these years a unique force on the field. They just like Sicilian Club Palermo, a lunatic boss Celino, Palermo, but they did not do something--this season was their 11th consecutive season in Serie a play. Filed in Cagliari, Myla and Zola is the most famous, of course, cheap adidas d rose 3.5         but nearly a dozen years, the team of three of the most trustworthy Ministers also should not be forgotten. When fans see when yiwaerwo, I do not know if they remembered the Suazo. Fast, physical Madden suya cable "Black Panther" in the world. 2004-05 season, Suazo, Gianfranco Zola, cheap air jordan 14 retro   Esposito consists of very powerful Trident of Cagliari. But few people know that Honduras people in Cagliari effect over eight years. In total, he scored 94 goals for the team, second only to the legendary Riva, 2005-06 season, scored 22 goals in one season

but also surpass predecessors, setting a team record. That season, he shared the award for the best foreign player in Serie a and Kaka. After inter, he also made a meritorious 2007-08 season, the Serie a title for the team. With the arrival of Mourinho, Suazo was left out and had to went from Benfica and Genoa, then not yet back to his best level, only reluctantly announced his retirement at age 34.Suazo after nike kd 5 elite for sale     the departure of half a year, the team welcomed back a native of Cagliari Cossu. He was able to play winger and attacking midfielder position, good feet, with dribbling ability and is an expert in passing, having won serie a assists. 2008-09 season, Cagliari in Porto Alegre, led by League Nineth, Cossu is outstanding. The summer of 2010, Cossu failed to qualify Italy for the World Cup final squad. Italy squad after the defeat, it was said that if Lippi can take Cossu, nor in the case of Andrea Pirlo suddenly injured, even playmaker candidates will have to find out. Cagliari's style of agile, and if we want to find a spokesperson, but Nainggolan has already left Rome, Daniele-Conti. His total number of red cards to 10 serie a yellow card number is already close to 150. air jordan 5 retro cheap    Ever since the 2004 upgrade of Cagliari, the team's 5th was Conte, amounting to more than 400 appearances for the club he also dominated the team first. Conti's scoring ability is good, is more of a ball player. He scored the free kick over the Serie a Michel Platini, after Andrea Pirlo and Francesco Totti in the player. Emiliano bonazzoli, and Irvin Khoza, and amolusuobonazuoli, and Irvin Khoza, amolusuobonazuoli, Irvin Khoza, amoruso in about ten years ago, when people talk about serie a relegation team

always refer to the "relegation spree" Regina team. The Crimson Jersey team always miraculously saved in various situation, especially in the 2006-07 season, had accumulated 11Relegation is a prominent success. Talk about this team, people might think the team avoid relegation for three consecutive years successfully, creating the "myth-11 points from relegation," Mazar, also think of Japan star Shunsuke Nakamura. Indeed, air jordan 11 retro for sale    this team was not the same as those teams that I mentioned before, with its own iconic figures, but they are years in Serie a, as there are so few people is worth mentioning. If you want to pick the one in Reggio Calabria during his performance the most prominent person, ought to be a wandering Italy football Nikola-Amoroso of rivers and lakes. After leaving Juventus, prodigal son traveled much in the football team, leaving serie a goal achieved an impressive 12 different teams. While he played the longest, and the best of it was Reggina for three years. Three-year total the striker scored 40 goals in Serie a, he and Bianchi was credited with team magic 2006-07 season to avoid relegation. In addition, amoruso is has never been named to the national team players like scorer, scored 113 goals in total. Team attack Boehner, Paul Dooley and Khoza failed Amoroso score a lot, but two loyal old guard. Emiliano bonazzoli after unsuccessful journey after Sampdoria and Fiorentina, in 2009, to rejoin the team relegated Reggina, and played three seasons for the team. Irvin Khoza, then playing for the Club for eight years, also worked as a manager at the beginning of the season. Reggina did not fail, but worse record, the 2010-11 promotion play-off defeat at Novara, is the nearest to them in the Serie a in a. The end of last season, Reggina from serie b relegation now only playing in Serie c.


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