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Striker Wang Bole personally Messi crowned
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:06:54 PM »
Striker Wang Bole personally Messi crowned La Liga history award.This round of La Liga, the play is between second-place  victoria secret online   Barcelona and third-place Atletico Madrid clash due to an awards ceremony before the game, the importance of this game, is more prominent. Pre-match home stadium Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain the Professional Football League will give Massey Awards, special recognition in last November, he broke the Spanish League scoring record. La Liga itself does not want Lionel Messi to defer the award ceremony now, has decided in the 16th round of La Liga, Cordova at Anfield before the game for Messi is Barca held a celebration ceremony. But due to that round a Deportivo fan killed in a brawl with the Atletico fans, for some reason Mei Xixi-historical top scorer celebration was put on hold as of today. Is on hand as the Macy Award for dedicated many years of Barcelona

Carlos Carles Rexach, 67 years old, he is the Bole of Macy's. In December 2000, 14Today, as Barca's Technical Director, Carles Rexach eye beads, phase to the trial and Lionel Messi in the family is in trouble. Carles Rexach convinced Barcelona Club, Club for Messi to provide treatment of short stature syndrome need a hefty fee. Carles Rexach in a small plastic box that year drew out a napkin and wrote: "Although comments had not yet reached consensus, but once the condition is met, we are committed to sign Lionel Messi" stories but also by countless Messi fans regarded as a legend. Carles Rexach after Messi grow into world-class stars once said: "I have always said, that year saw Messi feels the players is very good, but I did not think that he can become the best player in the world. "However, is not so sure I do, without Carles Rexach's eye beads, probably will miss one of the greatest players in world football, let Reixach awarded Messi broke the La Liga scoring record of history award is really fitting. In addition to Carles Rexach and Spanish officials, in the legend of Sarah's family to attend the awards ceremony, Messi to break Sarah once the epic records. On November 24 last year, with Sevilla in the Primera Liga match, Messi completed the transcendence of Sarah records. At that time, Messi killed into the Sevilla penalty area with the ball, neymar opened the gap to the left, Macy's subsequent play, into a single powerful neymar is not greedy for power, after he threw the ball low to the point, Messi scoop free shot to score. This is No. 252 from Lionel Messi in the Spanish League, which appears in the 5-1 victory over Sevilla, Barcelona scored their 72ndMinutes.

From this moment on, Spain belongs to the throne of the historical top scorer Lionel Messi, he broke the former Athletic Bilbao star Sarah kept half a century-old scoring record. Spain Football Federation President tewasi has previously said that Lionel Messi deserves this kind of ceremony. After all, there was the little man has grown up being laughed at, and now no one can deny that he was an absolute giant on the field. Witness the legend, tribute to the legend.


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