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Sports brands no longer fast fashion shopping mall "girlfriend." Sports brand, "fall from grace" sportswear "fall from grace" in recent years, accelerated fast fashion layout in China, zara ankle boots uk       in particular the one or two-tier cities, sales momentum is bullish. Shopping malls in Guangzhou main store on the first floor, mostly by UNIQLO, h&m, Zara fast fashion brands such as occupation. Grandview Plaza is h&m, Zara and its sister brands pull and bear, Bershka, Stradivarius and other collected arms. Over a long period of time, Department stores will take four or five layers of locations arranged for sportswear and outdoor equipment for a whole region or even placing the sports brands within a layer as the main shop. But in recent years, newly opened shopping centre

all reduced physical education clothing area. Le Feng Plaza, which opened nearly two years, XI Cheng Hui and other shopping malls, focus on introduction of UNIQLO, the hottest fashion brands such as h&m. Some old shopping center also adjusted according to the market, the introduction of fast fashion brand. H&m a few days ago is "captured" a peace world Plaza, Huan Shi East. Shopping center business area is limited, the introduction of fast fashion brand, there must be other business categories to give up "turf", and sports acts as the roles. zara high heels uk      Last year, located in Wangfujing Street, Beijing APM Nike China's first flagship store was h&m in stores after their leases expire, "squeeze". Prior to this, Nike is located at Tongzhou storefront has been replaced by UNIQLO. Industry insiders believe, Nike and adidas are Chinese people's first exposure to the true meaning of "foreign brands", was seen as a symbol of fashion. The 90 's of the last century, United States NBAPrograms such as hot in China, which greatly stimulated the consumption of sports brand. But in recent years, more and more fashion brands to enter China, and the aesthetic of a younger generation of consumers has changed, more individuality, sports brand's fashion sense is slowly being diluted. B fast fashion foray into sportswear competition fast fashion and sportswear brand is not limited to the mall's popularity, but also because both PK. Fast fashion and sports brands belong to different categories, competition is not direct. But in recent years, in order to attract sports enthusiasts, start fast fashion brand in sports marketing, started a confrontation near the front with the sports brand. In 2013 on Wimbledon, h&m and UNIQLO's mark appears in the famous players such as Novak Djokovic and Tomas BERDYCH on the shirt. Two men dressed in fast fashion brand clothing, pedal adidas sneakers, the industry believes that illustrates the fast fashion brand "crossover" Sports ambitions. In fact, fast fashion look not professional sports, but somewhere between fashion and sports sections, which is the broadest part of consumer groups. On November 21, 2013, UNIQLO's heattech concept store in seven major cities nationwide series events, Taikoo hui in Guangzhou store is the first leg of the event. The series has heat, insulating, elasticity, moisture wicking quick-drying performance and athletic apparel is very similar. Recently, UNIQLO (UNIQLO) at its flagship store in Guangzhou has introduced a series of heattech thermal crew neck t shirt

 tPension was selected "moisture heat" fibers, is converted to heat at the same time, also can produce the effect of heat insulation, loved by the many leisure and sportswear enthusiast. H&m, Zara fast fashion brands have also joined the campaign elements in fabrics and designs of products, further open up the market. With a wide range of consumer groups, fast turnaround, low prices, some non-professional enthusiasts gradually become regular users of fast fashion. Insiders believe, a higher power of fast fashion for fashion, product design, marketing, working capital or other flexible, does not exclude the possibility of its independent sportswear brand in the future. C sports brands learn from fast fashion clothing industry veteran told reporters that in the Chinese market, sportswear thresholds lower than the threshold of fashion. So even though the same fashion to create concepts, fast fashion brands also have an advantage over sports brand. Don't know whether I know it, big sports brands such as Nike, adidas, dabbling in fashion at the same time, further market segments, looking at the female market. In October, opened the first home women's store in Beijing on December 1, and announced the end of December would open two women shop in Chengdu. Coincidentally, on November 29, the first Nike women's store, the world's second home in China has opened in Shanghai.


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