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sporting brand inventory when the widening crisis
« on: April 02, 2015, 08:49:55 PM »
planning are all equally subject to the same core values, even if every adjustment may differ in the direction and pattern of development, and also on the most fundamental idea keeping pedigree. Common core values of the corporate strategy, minimum hamper the operations to enterprises.Strategy  womens air jordan 4 retro shoes  adjustments are not a scourge, but the slightest mistake will push the company into the abyss of hell, as long as adjustment mentality, do the homework, find breakthrough direction, it must be realized turn, narrowly reached success in the end. (China-shoes excursions, the most authoritative professional shoes industry

information centre)The network of Chinese shoes-shoe market," January 3, 2012 to December 31, ANTA (ANTA stores) (stores) sports opening around 28.19%, closing price of around 25.43% shares or 27.02%. lowest prices all year round for July 25 at 4.03 Yuan, or 4.06 dollars on the day to close at 4.09 Yuan; maximum annual price for February 9 at 9.90 Yuan, or 9.72 dollars on the day to  air jordan future cheap   close at 9.60 dollars.2012 is a sporting goods industry as a whole is the most critical year, most sports brand to inventory, store, cost pressures, with inventory is staggering. In 2012, nearly drowning in inventory throughout the news. Anta as Li (Li Ning stores) (stores) after the first Chinese sportswear brands, with much concern.

First half of the year, sporting brand inventory when the widening crisis, listed six major domestic sportswear brands stock prices all fell, with Li-Ning is most acute. Just half a year's time, Anta's share price fell to a July 25 at 4.09 dollars, the lowest close for the year. At this point, compared with the earlier, Anta's shares dropped as much as 56.49%.The second half of the adoption of a range of brands, including Olympic marketing promotion measures, and speeding up inventory digestion, Anta shares began rising slowly. Beginning in December, the sports unit has access to the capital markets a lot of fervor. Most capital view sporting units had fallen to rock bottom, will usher in the next rally. Among these,


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