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Spain-Ronaldo burst with top honours
« on: January 04, 2015, 07:52:38 PM »
Spain-Ronaldo burst with top honours Real Madrid Valencia WINS. victoria secret nz  (Spain 4th, at 17 o'clock, local time), the 17th round of La Liga begins 1-field clash at the Mestalla Stadium, Real Madrid away by reversing 1:2 defeat by Valencia, ending official game 22-game winning streak. Cristiano Ronaldo penalty kick opened the scoring, Andre Gomez hit the post. The second half, Barragan and Otamendi scoring 2 goals scored. Valencia, Real Madrid's League clash with nearly 10 times undefeated (7-3), which almost 5 straight WINS away from home. Nearly 16 new year opener only 1 negative (2007 lost to Tenerife, 1:2). Ancelotti out the lineup. Valencia at home this season just failed to beat Bilbao (0:0) and Barcelona (0:1), this was the team's 3rd new year's opening match at home in Madrid, 1971, 1:0, 1986 the 0:3 aggregate. Winter window for 25 million euros to join Argentina internationals Enzo Peluso staged debut. [La Liga betting] [CAI Dan Guanjia award large concessions] dressed in a black shirt of Real Madrid.

 The first 13 minutes, cross a cross from the right, nodded the ball hits the edge negredo left arm before the Bell, penalty! Ronaldo fencing fool Diego Alves, push the bottom left corner, 1:0, Ronaldo with 287 goals tied 5 league goals at 6th place Gordon Hodgson on behalf of Real Madrid's La Liga win 87 balls, tying Raul remain club record. Since 2011, Ronaldo scored Real Madrid's La Liga first goal in the new year. He was in La Liga and scored 44 penalty, equalling Penef, behind Hugo Sánchez (56) and Coleman (45). Real Madrid as Europe's first goal of the season to reach 90 tablets team-50Ball also ranked first in Europe. Carlo Ancelotti became coach Madrid official tournament scoring the fastest 250 ball head coaches (89 games). The first 21 minutes, Ronaldo in front 27-meter low shot hugged by Diego Alves free kick. ISCO replacement kit. Piatti seems strained groin, Vila Nova de Gaia came off the bench, he played, he was shown a yellow card. The first 25 minutes, Bell's offside trap, and the right-hand side to the outside of his left foot cross and Ronaldo spots up through Diego Alves, small angle to play online! Home team and somewhat out of control, Enzo Perez, Mustafi, Paco, Parejo continued to eat into a yellow card. The first 40 minutes, Paco from door 13-meter left-footed shot to the right of the area was parried by Pepe back line. First half stoppage time, Benzema left the edge of the area shot by Diego Alves to be. Then Parejo left return, Andre Gomez beat Marcelo, 23 metres in front left foot volley ball rebounded touch Carbajal turns to hit the right post, he shot under attack by Iker Casillas tackle wrecker! Beginning in the second half, Andrea Gomez, the edge of the area left foot volley close to the post and out. 52nd minute Valencia! Gaya Endo transferred to the left to the right side, Barragan volley hit the edge of the area that Pepe feet bounced into the net, 1:1. On 59 minutes, ISCO pass from Bell high speed into the right side of the penalty area, no return unmarked Karim Benzema, Otamendi interference behind the missed opportunity. Down Carbajal Gaya eats a yellow card, the next round will be suspended. On 65 minutes

 right corner Parejo, Otamendi breaks dot pitch 8 m before the head into the far corner, 2:1! Real Madrid in La Liga last time being each other's corner match score, against Atletico Madrid last September 13 (Tiago). In the sound of fans cheer the home side momentum even more. On 68 minutes, Barragan in conjunction with Andre Gomes played kick the wall, single pole push on the right side of the area skidded off the far post. On 70 minutes, Bell's cross from the right flank, ISCO 9 metres in front with his fire falling into the arms of Diego Alves. While Ancelotti replaced Sami Khedira and Hermann Hesse, replaced Hames-Rodriguez and Bell, with Fei Guli Valencia replaced Barragan. The 79 minute cross cross from the right flank, Ramos 7 meters out in front playing out of the Earth. Hernandez replaced Benzema. On 85 minutes, Marcelo cross from the left, ISCO 7 metres in front headed by Diego Alves subconsciously, Otamendi destruction goalpost side out of the bottom line. Final 2:1 win in Valencia, on February 18, 2007 (2:1-FC Barcelona) home win over leaders for the first time since and 47 times in history to beat leader, second only to Barcelona (57) and Bilbao (56). Valencia (3-4-1-2): 1-Diego Al Gore-Alves/6-Olwan, 23-Otamendi, 5-Mustafi/19-Barragan (73'8-Fei Guli), 10-Parejo, 15-Enzo-Perez, 21-Andre-Gomez, 11-Piatti (23'31-in Vila Nova de Gaia)/7-negredo (80'17-Rodrigo), 9-Paco Real Madrid (4-3-3): 1-Casillas/15-Carbajal, 3-Pepe, 4-Ramos , 12-10,-Hames-Marcelo Rodrigues (71'6-Sami Khedira), 8-Crosse, 23-ISCO/11-Bell (71'20-Hermann Hesse), 9-Karim Benzema (80'14-Hernandez), 7-C Luo


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