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Sneakers converse hit brand new point
« on: February 09, 2015, 11:33:58 PM »

Sneakers converse hit brand new point of the movement. fashion nearly two years there was a sports shoes spree, even Christian Dior haute couture show had it's shadow,  air max 1     instantly ordinary trainers into the "distractions". Fashion week show, a sneaker mix figure is common, whether it's brightly colored new balance, is enclosed with the adidas clover, or the wave of retro Nike shoes, Air Max series, which used to be called dubious sneakers on, through a variety of extreme mashup, a place in the global fashion in the topics list. In addition, in recent years, Korean drama goddess of gods, let those "屌" foot shoes equipped with a suit coat or down jacket, the "Korean wave" effect under the catalytic, quickly becoming popular consumer trends.

 Reporters visited Guangzhou, the major retail sporting goods store found that sneakers are his half. A sportswear brand in-store consumer said, "want to buy a wild pair of sneakers, in addition to comfortable color was very fashionable and unique design. "Consumers not only functional air max 180     sportswear brand. Adidas said in sports shoes, boost technology have been well received, or 2014 energy boost series one of the most popular footwear, sold a total of 1.1 million pairs. In addition, with the innovative product launch, new elements are introduced into football category sales steady. It is understood that gymnastics Prince Li Ning, founded by the Li Ning stores cut nearly half still in the red for two years. In addition, 2014 mysteres?Metersbonwe first half earnings forecasts, profit is forecast to be 178 million dollars from 222 million dollars, compared with earnings has declined, third-quarter revenue and net profit also declined by 16.02% and 70.57%, respectively. But not domestic sports industry has "cold winter", leading most of the first-tier sports and leisure brands and innovation. Adidas officials say adidas was able to succeed in China is a perfect linking sport and fashion.

 In developing lifestyle market without losing edge in the movement, its 80% performance from the performance series of sales. Meanwhile, consumers in the movement want to maintain their perfect image, has designed stylish sportswear and sports shoes to meet consumer demand for product performance and design. Not only that, consumers in the sports and leisure time has its own life, leisure products both originals and neo lifestyle and sports features. Many of the brands that we have seen the design and market trends, first commercial network managing director Huang Huajun believes that casual sportswear brand when you move closer to the popular need subdivision in the crowd, and even more in the youth market segment, come out from the sport and leisure and fashion style. Assistant Lu Xiuhuai, President of the Association of Guangdong fashion designer also said the sports fashion in recent years, new trends in the industry, which is the new needs of today's consumers for sportswear, sports shoes. Along with the changes in the domestic retail environment, the rapid rise of electronic commerce, sports apparel industry faces huge pressure and sportswear industry entered a period of great change.


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