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Sneaker surface classification and performance
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:20:02 PM »

Sneaker surface classification and performance society does not suffer. sport shoes fabric about PVC, Pu, Niu Ba, Microfiber,  zara jeans uk    natural leather, mesh and other categories, the following summary statement respectively. Sneaker society does not suffer material classification and properties PVC: most cheap, poor texture, not cold, not folding products without PVC fabric. Pu leather and nubuck Pu: is the material most commonly used on the market today. Pu leather is soft, elastic, feel good, the surface gloss. Nubuck Pu surface mostly scrub-like, feel-puckering, less gloss and matte matte, mostly inelastic. Nubuck Pu, Pu was different, but have their own characteristics to use. Pu relatively wider, ranging in price from a dozen blocks to the bailai block.

Trainers use mid-range or above nubuck Pu and Pu leather uppers. Microfiber: soft texture, the texture is uniform, very close to natural leather and more uniform than natural skin thickness, zara handbags uk     elasticity is more balanced, a leatherette class is one of the best materials. The cheapest prices at more than 60 dollars per yard, good up to more than 200 Yuan, at present most of our shoes on the use of such materials. Natural skin: is generally approved material, it is breathable, soft, split, folding, cold, durable, flaws is flawed, the pores,Nonstandard shape is not easy to spot. Which is one of the favorite natural skin; shoes with leather cowhide, pigskin, suede, ostrich skin, crocodile skin, snake skin, and many other species. General use leather sneakers. Leather can be divided into the first layer second layer of skins and leather, suede or grain leather, second floor known as split leather or patent leather, top layer leather price is 3-5 times the second layer of skin.

 Sports, particularly basketball shoes use suede cowhide and great value. Mesh: is divided into three classes, ingredients mesh for use in exposed places of the upper, lightweight and has good permeability, resistance to buckling, sandwich mesh cloth collar accessories, such as velvet, BK, and accessories in, for example, Lai Sun cloth. Main characteristics as wear-resistant, breathable. Tip: sport shoe materials, shoe upper materials on the shoe box is labeled for control. Greater weight of clothing materials, the stronger the pressure on the human body, the body feels more comfortable. In recent years, new materials emerge, new fabrics and warm material in improving the warmth at the same time, the weight is significantly reduced, make the more lightweight and comfort, when people engage in a variety of production and life, convenience, flexibility and freedom.


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