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Crepe fabrics Suede Fabric have a distinctive appearance, due to how they are woven.

These are our crepe fabrics, however you can also find our crepe de chine fabrics in the drop down menu.

Crepe back satin fabric is 58/60" inches wide, 100% polyester and available in 59 different colors.

This fabric is perfect for dresses, drapes, table covers, decorations and more.

It is also the heaviest from the silky habutae and charmeuse satin fabric.

The ever popular crepe satin fabric comes equipped with two usable sides - one side features a shiny crepe backing and the reverse side is a silky smooth satin.

Both sides can be used for a variety of purposes.

As one of our best sellers, we're stocking thousands of yards of each color in crepe back satin fabric! Definitely the perfect fabric match.

French for crepe from China, silk Crepe de Chine is best known for its unmatched versatility.

Not only is this material satisfyingly lustrous but it consists of a delicate texture with an exceptional drape.

One of the more durable cultivated silk fabrics, this material is ideal for bridal and formal wear in addition to blouses and men’s shirts.

Known as a more forgiving silk, crepe de chine takes thread well, but is still recommended to be dry-cleaned.

Crepe de Chine silk is one of the best sellers at Mood. None offers 160 varieties in finest Crepe de Chine.

Crepe Fabrics

Designed with perfection, our Crepe Fabrics are used in garment, textile, home decorating and scarves designing industries.

This extensive collection of fabrics is designed by making use of topnotch quality polyester and satin as per the latest fashion trends' requirement.

The fabric range looks perfect with its crimpy appearance, chirpy color pattern Polyester Fiber and delicate texture.


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