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Shoes and pants color matching rule gents watch
« on: January 06, 2015, 11:56:24 PM »
Shoes and pants color matching rule gents watch, shoes and pants colors often determines the overall taste in dress, wrong combination may make a failure of outfit; victoria secret nz  so what color is appropriate then? No 1: black laced shoes we choose the most common 4 shoes in men's shoes, take a look at them and goes best with what color pants. General black gives us the impression that sound, but restrained, most formal black tie shoes, basically suits from black to grey trousers; generally paired with dresses, suits and other suits are the most popular. Pay attention to trousers, black shoes and socks, uniform in color or the close of the three so that legs and feet become fully integrated in the tone; even the sophisticated casual style, men dressed the same principle, clothes color should not exceed 3. Tips: when black meets blue,Should avoid to mix lighter blue, Midnight blue, dark blue, more suitable.

 Particular taboo was wearing a Brown suit and never wear black shoes. No 2: light brown monk shoe is a classic windbreaker suits, straightforward and elegant, brightly colored double-breasted coat, or a pilot leather jacket, monk shoes regardless of the fashion mix and doesn't look awkward. Light brown is the preferred investment monk shoes color, it can be integrated into almost any color of pants, with a blue-grey system better able to reflect their calm restrained, and mix with the color Brown is more elegant and bright. To say the most classic combinations, try a combination of light brown and Navy Blue, especially on dress occasions, recommended to you doesn't want to wear boring outfits. No 3: Brown penny shoes Lok Fu shoes originate from North American Indians, have emerged as early as 1930, but inclined uppers without adornment. Subsequent Lok Fu shoes decorated with a strap across the instep, and open a lip-like opening above, has been used to also put a 5-cent coin, also known as Penny Lok Fu shoes. Penny shoes casual shoes without laces, the most representative of this youth costume shoes are the most essential elements. But because of its characteristic of wear off easily, it is easy to give people a feeling of laziness, so is not suitable for representing formal authority black pants.

 Generally speaking it with grey, tobacco, copper or coffee color will showcase classic elegant and sexy side, and blue combination of calm and added a sophisticated savage. No 4: wine-red leather Oxford Shoes United Kingdom etiquette expert John MorganEtiquette column in the times sighed and said: "in addition to oxfords and a three piece suit, United Kingdom gentleman good times could not find anymore. This most popular retro tie oxfords shoes has now become an essential part of a men's shoe section, shoe outlines of its elegant classical, called absolute zero NG gentlemen's shoes. In all colors such as red wine like Burgundy become main color in autumn and winter, both black elegant stylish qualities, but also highlight the elegance and sentimental gentleman of character, it's basically with all colors of pants, red right of men must have been the wine taste involves the ultimate gentleman. Shoe combination art is not for real, but no, the color combinations mentioned above we are not absolute, but inspired mix of the basic law. We should know in the dressing mix colors of pants and shoes go far beyond these, and try, I believe that each match will have the same effect!\


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