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Shoe selection of help pregnancy health must not overlook the "foot" under. surrogate mother during pregnancy physical changes will be very large,  nike air max 97 hyperfuse canada       especially the late gestation, more severe edema nike free 4.0 canada    of lower limbs, foot part should be taken seriously. Then, how to pick one right for the mother to wear shoes? 1, select a round head and a certain width and fertility,

quality shoes but also softer. nike air max bw canada    2, shoe size should be decided in accordance with foot-long, care must be taken  nike air max ltd canada   when sitting or standing posture measured, 10MM more than foot-long. 3, heel height should ideally be 15-30mm, flat shoes are acceptable, but in a postnatal deficiency can lead to Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain. 4, open-style shoes to choose,

 namely laces or magic, followed by selection for elastic bands or other adjustable. 5, sole best to wear well and be able to have some slip resistant outsole. 6 heel, high heels are nike free 3.0 canada   generally more than 4 cm, so the pregnant mom best not to wear, otherwise they will be prone to stumble, or even abortion. In addition, better winter shoes to loose elasticity is very good in the summer. Of course, the most important thing should fit your pregnant foot type, will be able to wear the most comfortable.


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