Author Topic: Share improve the way Runescape picture frames  (Read 277 times)

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Share improve the way Runescape picture frames
« on: December 30, 2015, 10:37:25 PM »
This paste is to the computer configuration is not high friends watch the picture frames can be improved when the Runescape. I5 I7 Shenma would ignore it fullscreen floodlight effect is enabled by default so that the picture looks very compelling RS a little hazy beauty but RS will reduce the number of frames and a long time to feel the dazzling weather effects also turned in by default Once the wild encounter fog rain and other large screen rendering will cheap runescape gold make RS game screen will reduce the number of frames Caton since CTM updated version of RS picture settings where there is no full-screen option flood and weather effects we can only Manually enter commands in the chat box to switch to turn off full screen floodlight / console ffxGlow 0 open full screen floodlight / console ffxGlow 1 minimum weather effects / console weatherDensity 0 highest weather effects / console weatherDensity 3 death effects switching method after the game by default character death After the black and white is a color close close death effects / console ffxDeath 0 open death effects / console ffxDeath 1 All commands can be used only once unless reinstall the game client or replace the need to use a computer only to screen settings from the old version can see Official Description Close These effects can improve system speed


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