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Select shoe for pregnant women:
« on: February 05, 2015, 12:26:39 AM »
Select shoe for pregnant women: the dangers of flat the heel the better? Wrong!Some expectant mothers during pregnancy, say flat heels, the better, in fact, completely flat, is not the best. Even for normal persons, nike roshe run   wears a flat body four-fifths of gravity on her heels, heel injury likely to cause, and flat-soled shoes cushioning is poor, affects the spinal cord and brain health, relatively choice followed by 2 cm heel is appropriate. In addition, middle and late pregnant women should not wear high heels, pregnant body fat during this period, especially the hips raised, chest and lower back are moves, body naturally lean, if wearing heels, maternal body weight will lean forward and lost his balance and cause troubles such as wrestling, frustration. May also cause abdominal diameter distance, the tilt of the pelvis to increase artificially induced dystocia. While abdominal pressure rises, increased pressure on blood vessels, thus the entire blood circulation is restricted, so prone to edema of pregnancy. Foam Sandals for summer wear are a lot of people, this sandal elastic, are more geared to the foot shape

 defects but it is also evident, the sole is very slippery, easy to wrestle. So when pregnant women at shoe selection, selection end of skid shoes, so that on rainy days or when it encounters a water stain is slipping. People like to wear slippers daily, as it has advantages of convenience, soft and elastic. Sweat gland secretion in pregnant women, your feet sweat more, easy to form the Athlete’s foot,  nike free 5.0    wearing rubber or plastic sandals that may cause Dermatitis, allergic Constitution, especially for pregnant women, with a thin cloth slippers.Many pregnant mom during pregnancy are consciously choosing maternity clothes as well as shoes for pregnant women, but often neglect the right socks. Experts recommend that pregnant Mommy select socks to try to pick up loose cotton socks, absorbent, easily slipping. In addition, the blank is not too tight, otherwise it will make some pregnant mom showed swelling of the leg and foot venous drainage is blocked, swollen badly. Has a choice of elastic stockings, pantyhose, half-stockings and stockings, weave its special elastic thigh expansion pressure and the leg to the foot of enhance reflux weave

 can effectively prevent varicose veins, and has a slight medical efficacy. Related links: selected pregnant women shoes sizes should pay attention to the following principles: 1, shoe size feet long, but must pay attention to extended sitting, standing and walking about 10MM more than foot-long; 2, select the round-headed and fat broad, upper material is relatively soft shoes; 3, shoes choice open, namely brought tie his shoes or magic stick better, then brought you can choose to have an elasticized or adjustable-width footwear fashion; 4, ten months of pregnancy can be divided into early (0-6 months) and late (6-10 months) for wearing different shoes, namely pregnant women shoes shoes end up with pregnant women in the recent past, while pregnant women shoes with a heel cup should be chosen after fuel ectonomc (heelcup) guarantee installation place; 5, buy shoe for pregnant women should pay attention to heel height, perfect heel height: 15-30 mm, flat shoes are acceptable, but with increased maternal body weight and the effects of backward step, after giving birth will often lead to Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain; 6, finally, the soles to choose a good degree of wear-resistance and better slip (such as Tri-density Pu material quality) outsole; 7, The above is the General buy shoe for pregnant women should pay attention to the places have produced abnormal symptoms of late pregnancy, it must be clinics and physicians in conjunction with other footwear special installation process.


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