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Select basketball shoes first according to their own set of circumstances. Jordan Sports designers said, basketball player, there are three kinds of speed and power, General, player type, requirements for basketball shoes are different. Power players need shoe with maximum cushioning and stability,  air jordan 9 cheap      speed type you should choose shoes for the light but can provide air jordan 11 cheap    appropriate support, cushioning and flexibility is more important.

Between full strength and speed. air jordan 1 for sale   Although we cannot be like the NBA players, but as basketball fans, according to their on the field often appear to consider themselves basketball shoe type. Speed-type guards and small forwards, these air jordan 5 for sale   people are characterized by high speed, sudden changes, interspersed every position on the field looking for opportunities. If you fall into this category as needed basketball shoes should pay attention to:

 upper light (off the weight), shoe-shaped parcel feet (turning, posted emergency stop foot is much better, avoid ankle foot), shoe outsole for stability and emphasis on comfort. Can fly air jordan 13 cheap    and jump forward, these people are characterized by good bounce, good air operations, weight loss will not be too great. Sports shoes are required to note in this category are: good cushioning (due to the impact damage to the legs of the jumping is very large, it is necessary to have very good cushioning), the ankle is better (air falling easily twisted to foot)


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