Author Topic: Scott acknowledges that excessive use of Bryant  (Read 560 times)

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Scott acknowledges that excessive use of Bryant
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:50:03 PM »

Scott acknowledges that excessive use of Bryant Pan thoroughly after the all-star break?  zara ankle boots uk   of the ESPN report, along with the deepening of the season, the Lakers began to accept the reality of probably missed the playoffs, Kobe Bryant had shoulder the burden at the beginning of the season are starting to get more and more break opportunities. Counting yesterday's trip to Portland's game, Bryant had three in the past four games without playing in the past 11 games, his attendance less than half (five games). And, now, Kobe has seldom participate in daily training, the team hopes to ease the burden of his body. Then the Lakers whether Kobe total abandonment of all remaining matches this season? Lakers coach Byron Scott said so far has not.

 "I haven't thought about it," Scott said, "for now I was in a race to watch. I have yet to reach that point, maybe after the all-star, if need be, we will start to discuss a topic like this. "Long before the season began, Bryant and Scott discussed issues relating to his playing schedule. Bryant's proposal at that time was 32 minutes, while Scott thinks some more, close to his career average of standards (36.6 minutes), said he thought Bryant would play 82 games. Now, it is clear that Scott had been overly optimistic. "I think he played too much," Scott said, "he has a number in mind, but my numbers are higher. In retrospect, his figures are more appropriate. Then I reduced his playing time, his efficiency has improved a lot. Now we feel are very good, we can only continue on the basis of this, zara high heels uk     he proved that he still has a lot of energy can be released. "At the end of December before beginning the rested, Bryant played more than 35 minutes per game, shot more than 22 times. And after that he was participating in the five games, both figures fell to 31.4 minutes and 12.2 times. "Before some overload," Scott admits, "my heart's numbers higher than his, and I'm sticking to my mind came, causing his fatigue. So I made some adjustments, and his performance was good as new, because it saved his strength, especially in the most crucial game. "" I got confidence in him, but I didn't seriously consider the fact that he had just missed almost a full year, "Scott said," I should be with this in mind, giving more time to buffer. Seeing his performance in training and he was in good physical shape, I think I may have a little confidence too much, thinking he could handle that much time. But I was wrong

 he is now playing much better than I had expected, I remedied before I get him more playing time, giving him more rest. "After this season, Bryant still has a year left on the contract expires. In an interview, Scott said now it's out in the long run. "As a player he had played so many years, so I must have regard to these. "Scott said," and that is why I am so careful, and make sure that he doesn't overwork causes. I want him healthy, not just this season, including next season. ”


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