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Runescape strike still unknown
« on: December 30, 2015, 10:36:28 PM »
Runescape stop taking more than one month to the next is still unknown http: // at 14:21 on July 14 Sina game news Recently, Science Department has recently instruction Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau in-depth investigation of Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase joint venture operating the game related matters. buy runescape gold If the JV game operator is true, then the NetEase and Blizzard will be for violating the relevant provisions of domestic suffer punishment. Industry analysts pointed out that the legislation as it involves major policy issues, 'Runescape' apparent approval is likely to be suspended until the findings in this case. At 0:00 on June 7, 2009 midnight, with the 'Runescape' in China's 3XX servers officially closed operations in China for four years, 'Runescape' has entered a transition period. After this, the 'Runescape' in China's power of attorney to the original operators ninth city over to the Netease hands, before this, NetEase and Blizzard has claimed to have done the adequate preparation in terms of human and material resources, said it would quickly complete the transition. At that time no one thought that this transition date will be up to a month, or even longer. At the beginning of 'Runescape' stop taking, Netease had made it clear that the game's transition website plans to re-open the first server in the end of June and opened up to other servers. Meanwhile, according to NetEase insiders said that after the 'Runescape,' the official resume operations will be conducted as soon as possible piece of information on-line the preparatory work in order in the fastest time for domestic players get the latest gaming experience, but also to take this show The new operating company's strength. But things are not as NetEase envisaged is so smooth, when the time to enter the end of June, the news about the 'Runescape' is still not the slightest reopen revealed, and even pre-prepared as the 'Runescape' re-operations are essential - account system also failed to schedule on-line, thus triggering a strong dissatisfaction in the player base, except in the major game forums protest, some angry players even rushed to the main game operated by Netease 'Fantasy Westward Journey' in order to refresh other ways to express their dissatisfaction with poor handover NetEase, NetEase these are subject to unprecedented pressure.


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