Author Topic: Runescape 6.0 Preview: Gore introduced Lund area and enjoy BGM  (Read 113 times)

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Runescape 6.0 Preview: Gore introduced Lund area and enjoy BGM
« on: February 29, 2016, 06:56:21 PM »
They were wearing hooded cape with large limbs and torso by some strange things wrapped up, and their eyes actually shining red light on fire. As the last figure, he is higher than the other four on the lot, and even in this approximation is completely dark environment can still see his skin is bright green. One of the guards pulled out his runescape gold sword, while trying to warn someone want to shout out invasion. He failed. Orc to come forward while waving the hands of the ax, and the poor guard this becomes a half. His companion raised his shield, blocking the cells from those with a weird costume intruders, while with his spear stabbed in the past, but he has done nothing just wasted effort. Another one who caught the spear handle, cut off from it, then turned light, crossed along the shield, with just cut the spear over the guard's neck. The second guard fell silent, his head and body almost divided the family. Everyone crossed two bodies still twitching slightly, he pushed open the front door and entered the Royal Library. Gorefiend instructions, 'We want quick action, and absolutely can not be found.' His death knights, and Pa Jiasi  crack throat, is also quick to get rid of that is just the first guard of orcs, nodded his head . We gorefiend know that Bleeding Hollow orcs than any other people have to understand Azeroth, but also for Gorefiend, this  be more clever and calm of an idle orcs them, so he This person assigned to perform the task. Five people all spread out, searching for their booty in the library.


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