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RS Official Partner Area
« on: January 28, 2016, 11:53:22 PM »
With 'Panda Man of Mystery' launched a comprehensive test, we also intend to take this opportunity and we look into the future of PvP picture. To this end, we interviewed the 'Runescape' game director Tom Chilton, and he discussed the 'Panda Man of Mystery' in PvP together. What 'Panda Man of Mystery' PvP overall design idea is? Deadman Gold Tom Chilton - We intend to join the many new PvP content, than at any previous version. In this data sheet we will launch two new models join the battlefield. Just before the release of each piece of information we've never done this before. We also consider adding a new arena for players to choose. Thus, the total number of battle we will reach 10, and the arena will reach six. In the story, the 'Runescape' war will break out again, and this will cause for PvP What impact does Tom Chilton -? Good. The best answer is that we are consciously trying to make the players return to outdoor maps. This also means that in the PvP server, you will be able to kill more opposing camps outside players. Generally speaking, outdoor PvP most interesting part is its spontaneity, rather than doing the designer for you to create content. Many players worry that PvE servers might be mandatory or participate PvP, this you can reveal some relevant plans it? Tom Chilton - We certainly have no plans to force the players on PvE servers participating in PvP. Their experience will not change, but their participation in PvP (if they want to participate in) the chance and now is no different. And in PvP server, so the black market where there may become a natural place for outdoor PvP.


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