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Ronaldo is 30 years old, he can still fire long as cattle?
« on: February 06, 2015, 07:14:33 PM »

Ronaldo is 30 years old, he can still fire long as cattle? Cristiano Ronaldo-30 years of age, then he can still fire long as cattle? Cristiano Ronaldo can fire to 40 years old? nike free 3.0     For many professional footballers, 30, was a watershed, life started to appear in "you grow old" of various signals, decline in physical function will start after the age of 30, especially for forwards and frontcourt offensive player, once lost after the pedal on the legs of the "step" advantage, they will be hard to shake off defenders hounding. One of the most typical examples, probably goes to Shevchenko, Shevchenko joined Chelsea in 2006 after the age of 30, from then on, he was like a different person, power slide, be regarded as Shevchenko is one of the main causes of failure. Ronaldo is 30 years old, and his status will last forever? Ronaldo's agent, Mendes out of themselves behind, gives this answer: "Cristiano Ronaldo before the age of 40 are to uphold the highest standards, when he was 39 years old, a season could score 30 header. He is less stringent than the Administration's own life, what to eat, how to break, he is a role model in this regard.

 "Fire to 40 years old, 39, can score 30 a year heading, Mendes exaggeration, of course, but the key is the second half, Ronaldo was how to deal with life, life will be how to deal with him.In 2003, Ronaldo first came to Manchester United, Zuckerberg denied for "Facebook". More than 10 years later, Ronaldo became the "Facebook" 's first sports person has 100 million followers. On Twitter, and his followers nike free 4.0    has reached 31 million. When I first came to Real Madrid, Ronaldo still unshakeable authority of Raul, he had to abandon his 7th and temporarily put on the 9th. But at the same time, Ronaldo has registered the "CR7" trademark, and he knew that sooner or later, the world is his. Today, the "CR7" the Madrid urban area often sees an identity, for two years, outside the City Hall, which more than 30 meters high huge poster on, half naked "Ronaldo" showed body posture, overlooking the neighborhood of Madrid. At Manchester United

 Cristiano Ronaldo replaced David Beckham's position; Real Madrid, Ronaldo replaced David Beckham's position in global popularity list now, he also presents a small Palm-down trend. Now, Ronaldo got back from sponsors each year 20 million pounds reward, is the King of football's first gold. In 2013, the Real Madrid has given Cristiano Ronaldo a new contract, contract period until 2018, also rose to 17 million euros to his annual salary, which was then the highest salary in the game (2014 Macy's contract, earning 20 million euro). Cristiano Ronaldo with Real Madrid contract expires, he will be 33 years old, is a real "veteran", but real Madrid President Florentine Tino said firmly, "Yes, even at this age, he is worth the price. "This year, in Canada a University (The University of British Columbia Okanagan)," Ronaldo's case as well as the social impact of commercialization ", became a 4-year specialized course, you study" Ronaldo and the accompanying business and social phenomenon ", you can get a master's degree in sociology.


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