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Ronaldo anger! Dissatisfaction with
« on: February 09, 2015, 06:44:48 PM »

Ronaldo anger! Dissatisfaction with the media criticized the birthday party was decided as early as well.This two-day, 0-4 defeat to Atletico Madrid after Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo in the team still held his 30 birthday party's actions should not be the topic become the focus of public opinion. nike free 3.0       In this regard, Ronaldo's agent, Mendes, publicly announced that Ronaldo is very angry about media criticism of himself. 0-4 defeat to Atletico Madrid last round Liga Real Madrid, Club Soccer Star Ronaldo headed in a birthday party was held days after the age of 30. In this regard, the media have blamed Ronaldo, arguing that Portugal must not be in the team for losing the Carnival at this point in time to do so. In this regard, Ronaldo's agent, Mendes told Spain Medina said in a radio interview Ronaldo for these criticisms are very angry: "Cristiano Ronaldo he is angry! Any player after losing a game like that will feel very upset, and Ronaldo as the best player in the world, of course, even more so.

"" In fact, Ronaldo's birthday party were ready as early as a month ago, his family arrived here from abroad. Ronaldo taking into account respect for guests, not to cancel the party. What's unacceptable is that these private video posted on the Internet of people, Cristiano Ronaldo lost the ball after feeling very frustrated, his relatives had taken two hours to comfort him, to make him happy again. "" To tell the truth, nike free 4.0     when one is very easy for someone like Ronaldo. ”"He can decide games, he returned for the team everything. But when he was out after the game, there will be bad times. People need to give him more support, because we are talking about is one of the best players in the world, but nobody is perfect. Over the years, Ronaldo has been treated as a role model, even encountered some problems, I'm sure he will soon be resolved, because he's been doing. "Arsenal's comeback Kings return from injury this arsenal boss Arsene Wenger on top talent.Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger in the premier 25 round pre-game Press Conference confirmed

 upper miss the North London Derby due to injury, Sanchez will make a return for this round against Leicester City. Wenger said happily in the release: "Sanchez will be back in the team's line-up and Saturday's game we hadn't been injured in combat. Sanchez is our best offensive player, also we team players. Saturday's match we suffered some blow, Sanchez to return to the team is good news for us. "Chile in person on behalf of the 32 matches of Arsenal scored a total of 18 goals, was in the Premier League with 12 goals and 7 assists in stunning play, it can be said Sanchez with almost single-handedly leading the arsenal attack, a gunman in the eyes of the fans truly" thigh ". In addition, Wenger has also informed the team some wounded soldiers, wilshere has returned to the training ground, is currently with the first team training. But for the recently trapped "hookah" "problem players", said Manager Arsene Wenger is not sure when to play him again. "We have to monitor his condition and see if he has what kind of progress. "While the team's other injuries, Chamberlain would need at least two weeks before returning.


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