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Resin (Organic) Pads
« on: March 24, 2016, 02:48:49 AM »
These Ceramic Brake Pad are made from organic fibres bonded with resin. While not as hard as metal pads, these offer more bite and less noise!



Instant bite

Do not require much bedding in


Wears quickly in gritty, sandy or dusty conditions

Poor wet performance as water sits on surface of pad

"Glazing" needs regular attention

You are probably getting the picture now.

They won't last as long as a metal pad, but offer great feel and bite, as long as you check for wear and replace when necessary.

It is also good to regularly roughen up the surface to remove any glazing that may occur (sandpaper or a concrete garage floor is fine).

TIP: Sometimes pads can get contaminated with oil or lube which reduces brake bite and results in noise.

Resin pads are better for a lighter XC style mountain biker, who requires lots of early grab, and isn't necessarily going to be riding a downhill course descent.

They are also quiet, and can be the the fix for the most annoying brake issue: squealing!

It is good to remember that whichever pad you use is also a personal choice: always go for what you feel works best.

You can burn this oil out with either a butane gas torch,or alternatively drip some methylated spirits on the pad and light it (take the pad off the bike first!).

Personally, I enjoy the longevity of metallic pads but when it comes to 'feel' and immediate power I much prefer resin and would choose these China Brake Factory providing I wasn't riding in sand!


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