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Reinforcements-international debut for AC
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:24:40 AM »

Reinforcements-international debut for AC Milan in Serie a was the first reversal at home 1-2 (Italy at 15 o'clock local time), the 17th round of Serie a start playing game 1 at San Siro Stadium,  victoria secret online   AC Milan home 1:2 Sassuolo, encountered almost 4 2nd round defeat and was reversed for the first time this season a rematch. Polly scored his first goal of the season, Zaza and shengsuonei scoring lead. Alessio Cerci came off the bench to complete the first show. De Jong suspended, and Philippe mexes, and Almero, Daniele bonera and fanxinkeer injuries, Lamy guest appearances at right back. Chaaraoui back to the first, Bonaventura wrap to the right wing, who played music nation's Keisuke Honda. Winter window reinforcements Alessio Cerci enter the bench. [Betting race color 50 percent discount! ][New user registration charge 18 18] Sassuolo nearly 10 rounds only: 1 (4-5), draw with Sampdoria and Juventus this season, Rome, Florence, etc. Pegolo, and Vicky treadell, and without fuersalike, Acerbi against his former club. The first 9 minutes, Bonaventura right wing low cross, Chaaraoui road, outflank, Defender Gazzola shovel under the first destruction, but Polly in front of 5 metres into the bottom left corner (click to see goal video)

 1:0, his 9th goal of the season the team is AC Milan, last scored in Serie a dates back to September 25, 2013. Sassuolo serie a defeat once losing all away from home this season, AC Milan took the lead matches unbeaten (6-3). Sassuolo 28th minute equaliser, Berardi slant pass over the top, shengsuonei the penalty area left chest a ball in front of 8 m advance the left corner, 1:1, which is near 3 wheel AC Milan first goal conceded. The 32ndMinute, Simone Missiroli bottom-line return on the left side of the area, unmarked Zaza play empty. 1 minute later, after Simone Missiroli direct counterattack, Berardi left dipped out of the run into the area. Alex elbow blocking Berardi and hit by yellow. Simone Missiroli shirt is torn by Lamy, replaced. The first 37 minutes, Simone Missiroli again straight through to the left of Defense, shengsuonei crosses on the left side of the area, points spurned after Davide biondini volley beat Bared. The second half, AC Milan still could not change the standoff, Inzaghi 65th-minute substitution, Alessio Cerci replaced Essien. On 67 minutes, mengtuoliwozhong sent a ball, Alessio Cerci offside obtain single, Consigli strike recovery in a timely manner. Sassuolo 68th-minute go-ahead score! Left corner Berardi, Zha Zha points from 10 metres before the left foot bursts into the near post (click to see goal video), 2:1, Berardi has 6 assists this season, equalling individual total assists last season. AC Milan 19 goals this season

 has 7 goals from a corner connection with, share 37%, ranking first place in Serie a. Substitute Giampaolo Pazzini Chaaraoui this young Pharaoh in the No 1 penalty ball. The 74 minute, Bonaventura left side of the penalty area to break through, little Rob Cannavaro defensive hand ball, AC Milan players protested, referee dibeiluo did not interrupt the game. Abarth replaced Lamy. On 78 minutes, Montolivo through-right side of the penalty area, Alessio Cerci dipped and without strength, Consigli ball reception. 4 minute in injury time, Polly and Davide biondini clashed, both by yellow. AC Milan (4-3-3): 23-Diego López/13-Lamy (74'20-Abarth), 33-Alex, 17-SA PA Tower, 2-de Sciglio/6-wave Lee, 15-Essien (65'22-Alessio Cerci), 18-Montolivo/28-Bonaventura, 7-Manor, 92-Chaaraoui (71'11-Pazzini) Sassuolo (3-4-3): 47-Consigli/23-Gazzola, 28-small Cannavaro, 15-Acerbi, 31-Peluso/8-than Weng Dini, 4-Magnanelli, 7-Missiroli/25-Berardi (77'33-bridge), 10-Zaza (88'99-Floccari), 17-Nikola-shengsuonei (85'83-Flores)


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