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Reform! The International Olympic Committee vote:
« on: December 27, 2014, 12:51:53 AM »
Reform! The International Olympic Committee vote: allow joint hosting an Olympic Games. local time on December 8, the International Olympic Committee in Monaco [Twitter] 127th plenary meeting, hands some of the proposed agenda for the 2020 Olympic Games, of which the cheap nike air max wright      most important thing is to allow the two countries (regions) jointly sponsored the Olympic Games, the world's largest sports organization officially marks the beginning a radical reform! Advocated by the IOC President, Johann Sebastian Bach, containing 40 recommendations, including the "agenda of the 2020 Olympic Games", today and tomorrow to go through on a two-day special session to discuss and vote. Agence France-Presse wrote: United green light to hosting the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC green light for joint Olympic bids) before the start of the morning session, Bach again stressed that it is imperative to the restructuring of the IOC,  cheap nike air max tn for sale    "given the public attitude, a major shift in world economic and political, the Olympic movement important and far-reaching reforms are needed. "The special session voted in the host country of the Olympic Games for the first time outside of the city, or proposed to be held by the State,"

particularly for sustainable development reasons "or" geography ". Bach President believes will alleviate the burden on host countries, and can attract some small countries to bid for the Olympic Games. Bach, President, International Olympic Committee and United States television station buy nike air max r4   NBC signed deals worth 77.A $ 500 million contract will continue from 2012 to 2032 summer Olympics broadcasting rights were six; 10 months of this year, the International Olympic Committee has signed a $ 10 billion in sponsorship and television deals. In contrast, games like go into sleep mode. 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia spent a staggering $ 51 billion, such exorbitant costs "scare" the bulk of the bid for the 2022 winter games, made six before now, only China and Kazakhstan. Associated press article analysis, cheap nike blazers ireland     "which opened the United Cities, and between neighbouring countries or regions games the door" (This opens the door to joint bids by cities, neighboring countries or regions。 ) Also has members in the discussion expressed concern inside, but eventually won the unanimous, no one raised their hands to vote. In addition, more flexible ban race and the creation of the Olympic TV channel proposals, will also vote. Reuters wrote in a report: "the Olympic host city competition to other towns, cities or even countries

this breaks the tradition of hosting the Olympic Games in one place. (Breaking with a long tradition of keeping the Games contained in one location), "Bach said," agenda 2020 Olympics "following the adoption of hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics Korea pyeongchang and 2020 summer Olympics, Japan Tokyo, will be the first recipients of the city. Japan wants to bring baseball and softball back into the Olympic family, PyeongChang's goal was placed on how to increase income and reduce expenditure. It is a bit reminiscent of reports last week that the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics due to shortage of funds has delayed construction of venues, plans to transfer part of the Iditarod to Japan held rumors. PyeongChang currently has started on the construction of snow slide, but if you cheap nike air structure triax 91   take Japan would save tens of millions of (United States dollars) will be used for subsequent annual maintenance budgets. Sources told Reuters, the International Ski Federation has with Korea Olympic Committee discussions on the matter. International Olympic Committee Vice President John Coates (John Coates), The countries operated between the view expressed: "I think that this should be happening in the bid and candidate cities phase, or under certain circumstances, the International Olympic Committee could be so inspired. "Everything he said will focus on the sustainable development of the Olympic movement," the event's compact with the use of existing venues; as the value of the Olympic legacy and the construction cost of ... ... The IOC Executive Committee will weigh all of the circumstances, will consider and approve the use of other cities. "Foreign media analysis," agenda of the 2020 Olympic Games, "all of the 40 proposals were expected to be passed, but how about on the premise of United games, save the" Olympic atmosphere "the integrity of the discussions also will continue.


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