Author Topic: Ramsay Law again fulfilled: Dutch prince died avalanche skiing  (Read 461 times)

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Ramsay Law again fulfilled: Dutch prince died avalanche skiing
« on: October 25, 2015, 06:50:54 PM »

the reporter According to Reuters, 44-year-old Prince of the Netherlands (Netherlands Queen's second son), John - Friso died yesterday at noon. February 17, 2012, Friso hit western regions in Austria avalanche while skiing in 15 minutes after being buried by snow rescue workers dug, after treatment has been bedridden, in a long-term coma. The Dutch government issued a statement, he said Friso died of complications after brain hypoxia caused an avalanche. It is understood that Friso lifetime is an avid skier, every winter he would go skiing in the Alps. After last February 17 avalanche, western Austria Lech resort city spokesman Stefan - Jochum said Prince Friso and his family on February 17, 2012 in Lech ski. That afternoon an avalanche, Friso was buried in snow. Leahy City Mayor Ludwig - Musil said Friso was an approximately 30 meters wide, 40 meters long snow buried. Ski rescue helicopter immediately. Rescue workers carry the aid Friso locator transmitter, which takes about 20 minutes to rescue him, then taken to a nearby Innsbruck University Hospital for emergency treatment. Jochum said the accident when Friso has deviated from the normal position of the slide. There were three skiers with his peers, his only one person was buried. Leahy Tourism spokeswoman Pia - Herbst said that in addition Friso, other people with ski airbags. The balloon may be buried in the snow, snow man pops up and send out a distress signal. November 2012, Friso's brain appeared 'weak  fut coins awareness activities,' but the results are not quite sure diagnosis, and therefore still have to wait several months to determine the probability of recovery of the prince, but after months of waiting, Friso of the condition has not improved. In June, the Dutch royal family decided to take back to London had been lying Friso of the Netherlands hospital wards, looking for a miracle, but it did not. Friso in September 1968, born on 25 Utrecht, Netherlands II heir to the throne who has 'oranje - Nassau Prince' and other titles of nobility. 2004 due to the civilian woman to give up the throne to marry Simi Ci qualifications, has been with his wife have two daughters. He worked at Goldman Sachs Group, 2011 has served as the European enterprises 'enriched uranium group' CFO. After Friso and Smeets 2004 announced marriage hearing, the media broke the news that Smeets college and the Netherlands underworld gangster, drug dealer Claes - Bruinsma affair. Later public protests media for 'Simi Ci join the royal review 'naive, incomplete'' reported. As a prince of the Netherlands, as in the case of Friso not married officially approved, which means that Friso no longer be eligible to inherit the throne. Interestingly, a warm-up match in three days conducted Arsenal 3 to 1 victory over Manchester City, known as the 'death' of Ramsey in the FIFA 16 game scored a goal for Arsenal. Al-Qaeda top man Osama bin Laden, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, American singer Whitney Houston days and had a history of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to leave this world a few days after Ramsey scored, netizens called this phenomenon 'Ramsay's Law.' And after the death of Friso news, public users will ridicule Ramsey's goal of letting an eminent person forever.


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