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prospects.Also clothing
« on: March 25, 2015, 01:27:03 AM »
for its garment grid's latest job data show that as of August, the garment industry's hiring was up 17.8% from a year earlier, near 20%. With the textile and garment industries came to an end, a new brand and promotion will determine the prospects of companies. Therefore, the costume designer and brand promotion/development positions have been recruiting hot conditions.Costume designers demand grew 23.4%, constant heatApparel network of excellence the latest data show that as of August, the fashion designer's 23.4% hiring demand compared to a year ago, recruiting, and obvious upward trend. From the distribution of demand, the front line area in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong rose are super 30%. Second-tier area, Jiangsu and Zhejiang rose the most, up 21.2% and 17.4%, respectively.Apparel network of excellence experienced recruitment consultants say,

 a good designer not only to understand the design, there is enough material, system boards, and market knowledge, but also has profound cultural accumulation, has its own style. Want to brand took the lead in the garment industry, has a unique style of outstanding fashion designers is a   cheap nike kd shoes prerequisite.Brand promotion/development rose 4.3%, broad prospects for developmentApparel network of excellence the latest data show that as of August, the fashion designer's 4.3% hiring demand compared to a year ago, this was not a hot job recruitment volume will further increase is expected in the next quarter.Network of excellence careers guidance, experts say, brand now belongs to the emerging jobs, but the garment brand building and promotion of its importance is obvious. With greater brand awareness, the post will be more attention and broad development
 prospects.Also clothing, represented by LV luxury one hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands, ZARA is just buy nike kd 7 shoes one-fourth, but ZARA's pre-tax margin exceeds the LVMH group (LV parent group and its many luxury brands). Open list, you will find the richest man in Europe in 2012 has become a founder of the Zara AmancioOrtega, Yanai UNIQLO is already firmly secured Japan's richest man seats; walking in the streets, you will find ZARA, HM, UNIQLO is representative of the fast fashion brand stores picked up big business stream. It cannot be denied that fashion is constantly changing our lifestyle and fashion trends, this may be the trend, but definitely worth our study.On August 20, to "visit fast fashion pioneer ? research brand line of business" as the theme of the Salon of enterprises in Jiangsu Province and the island organized by entrepreneurs Club,


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