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Point four: two badminton badminton competition
« on: December 27, 2014, 01:10:09 AM »

Point four: two badminton badminton competition to be held in Asia in 2015 with two world series, and were held in Asia: May 10 to 17th, 14th sudirman Cup tournament in Dongguan, held August 10 to 16th and 22nd World Championship settled in Indonesia's capital, adidas d rose 3.5      Sudirman Cup is full of men and women's singles, doubles and mixed doubles against, so the name mixed team championship are teams with the highest levels of overall strength contest between teams. Has met the 13 session of the Soviet Cup, best result of the Chinese team, has won nine Championships, and since 2005 has achieved six consecutive championships; Korea, Indonesian team three times and the Cup. cheap air jordan 14 retro      Dongguan is China's fourth participation in the Soviet Cup competition. At that time, as host China is surely still won the first hit. 2014 in Denmark Copenhagen, held the last Badminton World Championships, China's Lin Dan [Twitter] because integration is not enough

 failing to play, men's singles champion to another Chinese athlete chenlong. World Championships in Jakarta, Lin Dan picked up sharply in the world ranking will surely return. At that time, he and the formation of the men's singles, China chenlong "double insurance", its arch-rival Indonesia silikante, Denmark, Jorgensen, and Japan Tian Erxian first. Point five: China team compete for top eight nike kd 5 elite for sale   of the World Cup from June 6 to July 5, the 7th session of the women's World Cup in Canada. This year's women's World Cup expansion, the first 24-team, including 5 team in Asia. China and Canada, and New Zealand and the Netherlands in group a, unveiling war and competition from their offensive with the host team.The last World Cup, the Chinese team failed to qualify. This year's competition, their goal is to enter the last eight. According to the regulations, finishers of each group and the top two best 4 team third place in the round of 16; one-eighth after the finals, the winner can get eight seats. Grouped in view of China's good, it can be said are expected to achieve their goal, but it must be used to their best levels. Canada women's top 8 in the world, China was 14th, Netherlands, and New Zealand at 15th and 19th, respectively. The group, China must first of all try to play good and Canada's game. Both played 24 times before, air jordan 5 retro cheap   China 14 WINS, 4 draws and 6 defeats, but the 2003 World Cup but lost to each other. It's going to be a tough match, Bao Wei Chinese team's goal should be to win. Then touch the Netherlands, and New Zealand, you have to win, because even to qualify, if the position is not ideal, one-eighth finals will be difficult. Point six: Sun [Twitter] the Kazan race set off a climax July 19 to August 4, the 16th session of the World Championships in Russia Kazan. As a team leader,

 Sun, experienced "ban upheaval", Kazan debut World Championship game again, naturally a cause for concern. In fact, after the end of a three-month suspension, Sun has attended international competitions---Incheon Asian Games. At that time, he won the 400 m and 1500 m freestyle two champion; the 200-meter freestyle but played poorly and won only the silver medal. Kazan World Championships, Sun is likely, as in previous world series, then reported to more personal projects, and is expected to be in the 400 m, 800 m, 1500Freestyle Gold Medal race set off a frenzy. Another Chinese man Ning Zetao [Twitter] great, upward trend for nearly two years.  air jordan 11 retro for sale  Incheon Asian Games, he had 4 gold and 70 to 47 seconds, 100 m freestyle for the first time into the 48-second barrier in Asia later Huangshan National Championship, and raised the record to 65-47 seconds, achieved in 2014, second in the world. Kazan World Championships, Ning Zetao will approach the 100-meter freestyle Medal, even the gold medal challenge. The last World Championships, London Olympic Games two gold medalist, girl ye shiwen, Zhejiang [Twitter] out of the medals. Kazan again, she will be in the 200-meter, 400-meter individual medley in the contest to prove himself.


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