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Pathfinder Pathfinder children's clothing
« on: March 25, 2015, 01:35:46 AM »
 Grand sporting venture. After the 361 ° launching outdoor brands "ONEWAY" products are mainly sold in the greater, the entire design team, mainly from Northern Europe. Meanwhile, Anta is also testing the waters in a store of his own outdoor products.In the context of the continuing inventory liquidation, the major sports brands are looking for new business growth, and outdoors as they fight for territory.air jordan 5 raging bull  With the "two children alone" policy in the floor, children's products industry was also in full swing churning, this heat wave also stirs outdoor children's industry. Meanwhile, slowly increase love for outdoor sports youth groups, children's outdoor industry opportunities emerge. Industry analyst, in the context of the outdoor market's overall growth slowed, children outdoor blue becomes the new costume industry. Toread outdoor blue sea aimed

at children, built jointly with the Parker frontier children's outdoor exclusive children's wear brand TOREADkids Pathfinder.   air jordan 6 retro oreo  TOREADkids Pathfinder children's wear has recently been full of poison.Pathfinder     company chairman Cheng Faqiang said: "compared to the adults in the rapid growth in demand outside, children's wear market, China will enter a phase of rapid development, and there will be more nice place to discover and explore. Parker frontier roots in children's wear market in 20, have deep experience and has 15 years of legendary course Pathfinder as the first group of enterprises engaged in outdoor sports, technology has laid a good foundation for outdoor wear. I hope that both sides, Director of brand or technology, through long-term and in-depth cooperation, provide better protection for outdoor children and a better outdoor experience. ”

View of the current lack of outdoor exercise for children, prefer to use television, the Internet, mobile phones and other electronics air jordan 3 power blue  Entertainment's current situation, Pathfinder children's hope by providing professional, fun outdoor activities for kids clothing in order to advocate for children and adolescents experience more outdoor exercise, outdoor lifestyle, cultivating fresh thinking, dare, dare, dare to go beyond the purpose of outdoor sport.It is reported that Pathfinder Pathfinder children's clothing will continue to be used adult clothing TOREAD brand proposition: Pathfinder brave heart. As outdoor products designed for 2~16sui children, Pathfinder children's clothes on the product design, in addition to its technical nature of outdoor children's wear, but also fully consider the characteristics of the child, added a lot of interesting design elements, story and at the same time


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