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Now Netherlands about 20 squeezed next to the wooden shoe factory, producing approximately 4.5 million pairs of which  adidas climacool ride prezzo      one-third is used to actually wear and two-thirds are sold as souvenirs. Wooden shoe became souvenirs began around 60 of the last century,adidas zx 850 uomo     but also in the Netherlands produced outside.

Later, with the improvement of shoe-making process adidas originals italia    Automation, significantly reducing production costs and finally Netherlands people also started making arts and crafts wooden shoes. Today, the Netherlands substantially reduced the practical value of wooden shoes, have few people wear. adidas springblade razor review   Tourist favorite, became the must-buy souvenirs, because wooden shoes look very cute, shaped like a boat as a whole, can do decorations, can also make vases. Is the Netherlands who couldn't bear to throw it away. If the "Uhlen form" and "Ma Gan, two cities", who were wearing wooden shoes all over the city. There is another important reason, Sabot is the Netherlands people essential engagement gift. "Windmill Village"

 we will see a large wooden shoes, the wooden shoe a full 3 metres long, made up of a single piece of wood pierced carved, coated with yellow and red colors, adidas toe touch slip on    the biggest wooden shoe in the world. We also noted with interest the tour production of wooden shoe factory. Factory area is small, only more than 20 square meters, there are no machines, no process, made entirely by hand, similar to the original workshop. Staff members perform, while explaining the origins, evolution, and development of wooden shoes. Visitors were also able to pay, buy just-made wooden shoes at the scene.


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