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Niutou sneakers better brand new fashion.
« on: February 09, 2015, 06:43:12 PM »

Niutou sneakers better brand new fashion.Cattle premiere sneakers once is Taiwan people heart common of memory, after 60 years of time, from flourished to recession,  nike free run 2      now cattle premiere in shoes technical FBI Yu into Center of counselling Xia, brand again innovation, through innovation development, and brand design, counselling, assist cattle premiere transformation success, last year cattle premiere sneakers to cattle head national elementary school stationed in each big department store pathway, evokes 50 generation, 60 generation people public memories in the of cattle premiere sneakers, created out doubled of performance. Through the guidance of shoe technology incubation Center, Niutou develops action sightseeing factories operating mode, you do not need large interior, no need for large machines, even in factories making shoes, can make people make selling in any place, with fun, promote new kind of interactive consumer but also accelerate the diversification of traditional industry transformation.

 In addition, rapid proofing Niutou and shoe Technology Center Center for technology transfer, the traditional "Dami shoes" redesign, assisting Niutou developed a series of fashion "Dami shoes," was at the foot of the farmers by tradition to wear shoes, fashion shoes turn into, while significantly reducing production costs. Niutou Wei Baiqing said through shoe technology incubation Center for counseling, to let Taiwan shine nike free run 3    shoes and brand once again, too, through the guidance of shoe technology incubation Center for cattle head out of Taiwan to expand overseas markets. Niutou Bao sightseeing, sightseeing factories and shoe factories, will be exhibited together in Kaohsiung dream era. Exhibition period from now until March 2, to welcome you together to witness the transformation of Niutou sneakers and glory. Related links: recently, this reporter learned from the Copenhagen official micro-blog, PradaStore a high hand-tailored fur coat became the store's "Dan masters." It is understood that this fur coat made of ostrich feathers, Persian wool, Fox Fur, Fox wool imported from Copenhagen fur auction house, the origin of Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that this fur coat in full accordance with the standards of Haute Couture, meaning the commanding heights of luxury, with high privilege.

 Reportedly, Haute Couture (senior fashion) is refers to to Royal nobles and high social women for customer, by senior fashion designer presided over of work room (ateliers) for customer individual tailored, with manual customized of originality fashion works, and designer (Couturier) and fashion shop (Maison) must after BNP Paribas fashion Association of Member qualification certification, once BNP Paribas fashion Association of finds, designer only enjoys "senior fashion designer" of title , Used their clothes to "Haute Couture" of the title, and protection under the law. In addition, the "Haute Couture" stands for artistic creation and worship of the traditional hand-made crafts, also represents the trouble to focus on details. Senior uniform the essence of the spirit comes from the unique design and precise cutting and fine arts and crafts, all processes are done by hand, a dress of hours spent about a month or so. Professional analysis, said Senior uniform ahead of creativity, fashion trend has a very important role for the future, which many small elements will be used in the making of Haute Couture, is all in the future is likely to become a popular hot fashion pointers, will dominate the next few seasons the Doneger group. This is Haute Couture for the fashion industry's biggest significance.


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