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Nike will release "intelligent" sneakers.
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:18:05 PM »

Nike will release "intelligent" sneakers. January 8, morning news, Nike formally announced at the CES the 2015 exhibition in October of this year will be published "intelligent"  zara knitwear uk     sneakers Nike legend of this story is a pair of sneakers. Movie fans is no stranger to the shoes. In 1989, Steven Spielberg, executive producer of back to the future II (back to the future part 2) was released as scheduled, the Futurism of the original movie, the era shaped a dream about time travel. Many memories. In the film, hero, Martin came to the future on October 21, 2015, had put on a pair of a pair called "Nike Air Mag" shoes and it looks very cool, and also can automatically tie your shoelaces. After more than 20 years of waiting, we're closer to 2015, Nike will also make these shoes really happen in our lives. Nike recruit is an extremely successful marketing not only spans a 20-year period, movies, science and technology, was still standing at the intersection of fashion, sports and other industries on the road. Previously, these shoes have been through multiple channels "exposure", foreign artists Kanye West and stars Shawn Yue of China through it.

Related links: reporters learned that cotton textile enterprises in Zhejiang Cole group in the United States opened its first overseas factory in Lancaster County, South Carolina, a total investment of 2.US $ 1.8 billion. "The contract has been in force since intentional investments into real, the first phase of the project broke ground in February 2014, is expected to put into production in October 2014. "The conglomerate told reporters zara shoes uk    Chief of staff Huang Guogang, late last year, the company began in Viet Nam, and India, Pakistan, the United States and other countries look for investment opportunities, and finally after the actual research and feasibility studies, to factory locations in the United States. Huang Guogang said outward investment projects are mainly in response to the domestic cotton industry the high costs for labor, energy and other issues, avoiding trade barriers on China's textile industry in the international market, promote the enterprise internationalization strategy implementation. Cole Group's statistics show, the whole project will form a 100 sets of the world's most advanced rotor spinning machines, 15 tons of yarn, one supporting 52 open-end spinning machines, 6 set the chute and other production equipment

 production scale reach 70,000 tons rotor spinning production the year after. Zhejiang cotton textile industry Association Secretary-General Liu Aihua confirmed to reporters said, Cole Group Limited is the first in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang cotton textile enterprise of direct foreign investment, which is China's textile enterprises set up the first manufacturing plant in the United States. Business Dean, Zhejiang Province, Zhang Handong said in response to reporters after manufacturing foreign investment include equity investments and acquisitions like this directly in the United States and other developed areas set up factories in the relatively rare, he thinks, as trade barriers and other factors restricting, as well as the rising costs of land, labour, resources, and other factors, more and more foreign direct investment.


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