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nike roshe run floral pas cher
« on: October 21, 2015, 01:47:52 AM »
锘? BR 2007 19 December Day cheap air max 90 trainers , held in Shanghai Haier central air-conditioning "Olympic Yun cum more joint central air-conditioning market to enable the brand term" press conference, announced to the industry made in 2007 Haier central air-conditioning market performance, and on this basis, introduced in 2008 Haier's main products?? to Olympic standard build of the "Olympic Yun" multi-joint central air conditioning. Promotion of "Olympic" as Haier central air-conditioning in 2008, innovations, and this strong support and interpretation of the Haier central air-conditioning, "attention to detail, creating excellence" the process of globalization. Accelerating globalization of the Haier Olympics BR 2007, the central air-conditioning market is the most subtle than the Olympic system of tenders. Olympics the world has influence, so well-known around the world focus on the central air conditioning brand in Beijing, competition for Olympic venues supporting the right of the central air conditioning, there are industry experts known as the "outbreak in 2007 in China, the world's central air war." BR "War" to domestic brands Haier ended with a comprehensive win, the 21 Olympic venues supporting the right of the central air conditioning really made the industry marvel nike air max 90 clearance , Haier R410A change over the whole joint central air conditioning and thus also for the well-known industry experts: the environmental protection, the use of new environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, and in line with the European ROHS directive, the environmental performance of leading products; in energy saving products to achieve high energy efficiency ratio of 4.28, all of which have become the focus of the industry. BR Careful pondering, "details the success" in the "war" has been fully proved in the face of his best supporting demanding requirements, Haier central air-conditioning with a more precise evaluation of the program touched the experts: the design of Beijing softball venue Haier were taken into account in August 2008 in light conditions, the cooling capacity to improve; badminton stadium design, Haier were taken into account the impact of wind power on the badminton in the design of the outlet, the piecemeal, Haier central air-conditioning in the test performance in the race for the IBF Deputy Gunalan endless praise ... ... BR With industry experts say: the Olympic venues matching contention is master of the duel, duel master, innovation wins. Haier central air-conditioning is the grasp of the "breakthrough innovation", and to finally get the Olympic Organizing Committee's approval. Haier service to each Olympic venues starting point is "the most appropriate creative solution" air max 90 womens pink , adhere to the attitude of "reverence as before, cautiously." BR Tremendous influence to promote the Olympic Haier central air-conditioning process of globalization, held in Rome in Europe TERMOCLIMA exhibition on the 24th, Haier central air-conditioning by local consumers favor; the 24th World Winter University Games in the main venue of choice Haier central air conditioning; Haier local selling brand in the European Union, in Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and other countries, government procurement projects, frequently winning ... ... BR 2007, the Olympic Games to become the driving force behind the globalization process to promote the Haier. BR When the Olympic bidding ended, experts ask: 2008 refrigeration year, Haier would the success of the Olympic venues matching products to other spheres? Haier Ao Yun grand multi-joint central air-conditioning market, the first to give the answer. BR 2007 12 19 nike juvenate mens black , Haier central air-conditioning in Shanghai, the "Olympic Yun central air-conditioning market conference and more together," Haier will demonstrate to the industry in 2008, a comprehensive listing of Haier Ao Yun and more joint central air conditioning, Haier central air-conditioning The Minister Du Guanglin and refrigeration industry experts unveiled the product. BR Haier R & D, said: the name "Olympic Yun" because Haier Ao Yun multi-joint central air conditioning upgrades by supporting the Olympic Games come complete product than the Olympics, indeed discerned. Haier Ao Yun and more associated with central air conditioning Apart from the Olympic meet the required "green, energy-saving" performance, prolong the lifespan of the compressor, noise control and other aspects of the world's leading technology: it uses high-pressure chamber compressor discharge pressure and the use of inspiratory pressure difference, between the compressor quickly realized all the oil, while the unique flexible structure, to avoid liquid impact damage on the press, the whole design life expectancy of 20%; in fan design nike juvenate sneaker , with a sleek pair of fan structure, fully air-flow resistance and reduces the vortex flow, air flow increased by 15%, down 3 dB noise blast, not only improves the energy efficiency, but also more precise control of the noise. 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