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Nike create blue shoes for athletes
« on: February 09, 2015, 12:39:03 AM »
Nike create blue shoes for athletes of all ages to develop their athletic potential.Push Kobe x Nike youth basketball shoes designed for athletes of all ages to create "just like designing my own basketball shoes Kobe x, nike huarache       I try to provide as much light for your children and the seismic performance of the boots to help them turn faster," Kobe Bryant said. Nike create blue shoes for athletes of all ages to develop their athletic potential Kobe x teens Edition in design with flexibility, speed and durability, including various Kobe x adult shoes feature, but also to meet the big boys, toddlers and young children of age group athletes shoes, such as special needs. "Nike focused on performance shoes designed for young athletes, helping them develop sports abilities," Nike youth series veteran shoe designer maikeer·salanhakasi (Michael saranthakos), "said Kobe x youth version of the innovative characteristics for each stage of development of the young athletes provide excellent sense of space, speed and flexibility. "Nike create blue shoes for athletes of all ages to develop their athletic potential Kobe x young children this age young athletes competing in the games and skill are revved up, so you need shoes with moderate shock resistance flexibility, grip at the same time, keep the light, increase game speed. Kobe x children meet these performance requirements. Stage children as a version of the athletes just started basketball practice to hone his skills.

 kobe xChild versions of the boots can provide excellent flexibility and durability, the children in the classroom, playground, and can wear on the Court. Toddler toddler versions of Kobe x shoe more flexible to meet the natural rhythm of young children's developing feet. Lacing system and adjust the ankle collar designs feel more locked, all-rubber Cup-sole enhances the flexibility, the feet closer to the ground,  converse all star   and provide a solid base and a stronger grip. Kobe Kobe x version x series of children's clothing range will correspond to five color-matching shoe color and pattern design, especially the new Kobe hyperelite Hoodie, employs advanced apparel technology: retractable mesh increases within the range of motion, Therma-Fit effective warm fabric, and cut loose cropped to leave more space. Google talk shoes and always accompany you chat,Google has introduced new wearable device – talking shoe company in the United States Texas audio-visual interaction Conference (SXSW) launched a wearable device on-the talking shoes. These shoes are equipped with a computer chip, speakers, accelerometers, gyroscopes and pressure sensors, and so on, when the user activity, it will say different things depending on the situation. Google's head of advertising art Aman·guweier said in an interview:

 "the talking shoes are our users can connect devices in a network to communicate on a test. "It is reported that this pair Bluetooth module can connect to the Internet, using Google maps provide location and direction information. Google company launches talking shoes always accompany you chat it is understood that these shoes would be able to detect whether the wearer is active, and it will also tell the wearer himself does not like to stay here and not move, for example, if the user wears it sat on a bench in the Park, it might be said, "is so boring!"But if athletes wear shoes like that to a specific game, so his Twitter fans will be able to get his speed in real time data and other information. "You can use to program shoes, making it personalized, it could even turn into a trash-talking heaps gasbag," Gu Weier said. This pair of shoes is Google "art copy and code" the creative part of the project, the project aims to design and develop some of the more cutting-edge marketing and advertising methods. But Google didn't develop for the shoes corresponds to the listing plan. Gu Weier said: "we will not enter the field of footwear, we just wanted to use it to expand our social network and advertising business. "Google is not the first to set foot in the shoe-making high-tech enterprises in the area of Apple in January this year, has announced it is developing a wireless connection with the iPhone or tablet of shoe.


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