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nike air max flyknit cheap
« on: October 21, 2015, 01:44:45 AM »
The Top 10 Myths About the Sales Profession plus articles and information on Sales Myth 1: Sales People are all Shady! In the Broadway play "Death of a Salesman" Willy Loman was a down and out emotionally spent Salesman trying to understand his life after 34 years of traveling up and down the roads selling his products. The negative stereotype of a Salesman is rooted deep into the subconscious of society. Images of the fast talking nike blazer mid floral , scheming, shady, over-the-top, and high-pressure Salesperson make you feel unfortable. You definitely would never trust or make this dishonorable person your friend. I have personally seen salespeople portrayed negatively on children's cartoons such as Jimmy Neutron and Spongebob Squarepants! Evidence to support this negative stereotype continues to today and some sales professionals harbor these feelings restricting their ability to bee stellar performers and have fun doing it. They mask this repressed feeling of choosing a "dishonorable" profession with false optimism and deflected identities (i.e. I'm not a "Salesperson," I'm a "customer experience engineer"). Almost everyone has had a "bad" buying experience. As a result, they feel burned and think that sales people are shady. Ironically nike blazer liberty floral , all professions (not just selling) have fast talking, scheming, shady, over-the-top, and high-pressure people in them. And all professions have extremely professional individuals. In the eyes of many people who make purchases, Salespeople are "all about money" , and we're just "trying to take money from us." You don't have to be that way, because most of the "real professionals" who have chosen this as career are not like that. Here are some examples of what leads to negative stereotypes. Hint: If you are just entering in the sales profession, don't do this!: ? Shady sales people who simply pitch and not converse with the client ? They spend no time in prepping for their Sales call and they don't practice delivery their presentation ? They don't focus on what the audience cares about. They only care about what's in it for them. ? They tell all about their product factoids, but not why they matter. ? They don't listen, and at the end of the sale, they ask for the order without building trust. Luckily nike blazer zwart , most high performing sales professionals do exactly the opposite of the above. Salespeople have rights too, and non-profit trade associations dedicated to the profession are trying to help organizations realize the value of their sales people. Because they realize that most sales people are effective and they have done their homework to understand the needs, concerns and interests of the people they are selling to. Find out about one such organization, the United Professional Sales Association I started for individual sales suess at Myth 2: If You're a Schmoozer Then You're a Closer! A schmoozer is someone who has the ability to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection. This is almost the definition of "Networking" in business terms. Schmoozers are not closers because they are trying to talk with someone or build a relationship with them for only one thing-the money. Schmoozing to build a "fake rapport" is something that people can smell for miles away, so don't do it. Schmoozing doesn't help you close deals -- suessful working does! Someone who works hard at developing a personal connection with people on a non-business level first and develops a plan to truly help that person will reap the rewards. In other words nike blazer nederland , if you give, you will receive! Schmoozing doesn't allow for that. Schmoozing is all about getting, with no giving. Myth 3: There is no such thing as an Ethical Salesperson! Every day working people are faced with ethical challenges to conducting business. Ethical decisions require making the right decision, even when nobody is looking! Ethical business practices stem from the understanding that an ultimate payback may take awhile to attain. A pany's ethics and integrity are directly reflected in the relationship between the Salesperson and the customer. As a result, most great salespeople who have been doing this for any length of time have had to build their "Sales reputation" through happy clients. You cannot be uhical in the Sales profession and stay at the top of your game. This philosophy is the same with any other profession as well. Those who have engaged in uhical behavior in sales are out there, don't get me wrong. But bad apples exist in any other profession. By reading great books nike air force 1 low dames sale , attending sales training and knowing right from wrong, you will set yourself apart in your business dealings. As an example, you will e to realize that your decision to work with the client affects the profit and loss issues of your pany and their pany. You will also realize that your business relationships also affect how much business you are able to conduct in the future and the quality of the relationships you build with your customers. The best decisions are made when one examines the short term and long term effects of the decision and keeps their clients suess at the forefront. Here's another fact: Most prospects and customers actually feel that it is "OK" to tell a lie to a sales person during the sales process. It's a defense mechanism built up over hundreds of years of being treated poorly. Today, prospects are able to find out more information than the salesperson sitting across from them and they will often play one salesperson against the other. Somehow this is seen an "ethical" and "ok." It's ironic that salespeople are seen as uhical, while the pendulum is swinging the other way with uhical buying practices needing to be r.


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