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Nike 2015 to introduce auto-lacing sneakers
« on: January 15, 2015, 12:11:25 AM »

Nike 2015 to introduce auto-lacing sneakers, Nike has Executive recently confirmed to the media, the company is developing film back to the future, victoria secret bikinis nz   those can automatically tie shoes air Mag. Nike Creative Director tinker Hatfield said at a trade show this week, the company plans to launch this year air Mag. But he did not disclose the release date or price. Since 2011, Nike appeared which can automatically tie his shoes in front of us. In addition to posting videos for publicity, also the name for this technique, called power lace patent. At the time, auction 1500 pairs of Nike Air mag, and donated all proceeds to the Michael j. Fox Foundation, to assist Parkinson's syndrome research. michael j. Fox back to the future series is starred, as well as a Parkinson's patient. Related links: textiles as an indispensable factor in the life and production, quality and safety of its products began to receive attention. Along with China's economic development, demand for textiles has gradually upgraded from clothed to personalized, fashionable and, additionally for the textile categories and grades also have related needs.

 According to relevant data shows as the country's modernization, the contradiction between supply and demand of domestic industries textiles are also looming. Because the development of the industry demand for textiles is increasing, but the cotton price difference continues to increase at home and abroad. Traditional technology in the textile industry and the import/export ratio of textile enterprises will also benefit from greater impact. New textile standards opens a new era of anti-bacteria viruses, clean technology, would on the other hand effectively alleviate the problem of inadequate domestic textile technology, quality. With the introduction of new standards, and function of textiles began to receive attention. Functional textiles came into being. So what are the functional textiles, what advantage does it have?And textiles is the difference between a functional textiles in General includes the health, hygiene and comfort features as well as protective textiles. Health, hygiene and functional textiles cover the antibacterial, negative ions and far infrared radiation, and other functions. Some say that functional textiles with so much performance, the production process must be very complicated. In fact, functional textile fabrics can be obtained by functional fibers and finishing. Functional finish can be obtained through static-free, waterproof, breathable, automatic temperature control and other properties. And waterproof, anti-radiation properties can be obtained through the protective finish. Continuing concerns about the antibacterial properties of hygienic finishing is needed. Functional fiber you can get ultra fine fibers, hollow fiber, etc. Sterile textiles as an important member of the multifunctional textiles on the human health issues are going to provide more help. Bacteria like sterile textiles effective use of NET technology can effectively inhibit the implantation of high bacteria counts

 more effective breeding ground for bacteria, thereby ensuring the health and safety of textiles during use. Also able to satisfy the people's demands for health. Functional textiles with increasingly rich, should be more careful in your selection process. Doctor's choice to develop a revolutionary technology of active prevention of disease--"Richtlinien Rhett" bacteria fiber NET technology, successfully using germicidal efficacy of active net group molecular combination of high-tech technology and fiber forms a durable chain,Multi-directional destroy germs living space, so that the reproduction of the bacteria lose their disease-causing natural death, thereby reducing the total over human disease 80% disease. Doctor's choice enterprises provides the safest, highest-end of functional textiles, will more effectively lead the germ-free and healthy life. From the current market for anti-wrinkle, anti-static textiles has been recognized by the people, so as people's concern for health, for aseptic versatility will be a growing demand for textiles. Multifunctional textiles within the next 20 years will occupy major textiles markets, more satisfied people's demand for production and daily life, and sterile medical choice textile products will increase in the future health of the tide continues to usher in a new era of development.


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