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Neymar may pay FIFA 15 Coins here you will like
« on: November 09, 2014, 07:48:17 PM »
Neymar may pay vapid career damaged, ready fractures from the vertebrae premise, playing on earth Cup final appearances enclosed in a very war. Though the Buy FIFA 15 coins,cheap FUT coins at  Brazilian Football Association official statement for considering a job athletes, Brazilian Football Confederation ban Neymar that way, the earth Cup semi-finals and finals, Neymar 100% will never debut.
Neymar recently appeared vertebral fractures, his World Cup career ended prematurely. But there's news that Neymar offers to use force to fight the closure of the way on earth Cup finals appearances - course the premise is able to get to the finals in Brazil. Normally indicate, the Brazilian Football Association's official website issued your firm stand out: "For the Brazilian players Neymar, the Brazilian Football Federation public statement, looking at the degree of injury Neymar fracture, if your risk may well endanger his playing career after a trauma doctors promptly. effective treatment, in accordance with medical reports declared that should the penetration of risk comeback will greatly harm your playing career, to ensure the Brazilian Football Association statement, we won't customize the daecision to ban xhffd222s you for the Brazilian team play. "
Brazilian Football Association said: "I am assessing the injury, as well as in full accordance with the Federal Council of drugs with the analysis accomplished properly figured that the program flow: This is an extremely serious injury, the Brazilian Football players will observe the Code of behavior, Neymar to constrain the actions. "In other words, the Brazilian Football Association means: not simply prohibit Neymar literally game, additionally his constraints prohibit this practice he hurt himself, aims to safeguard Neymar career.


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