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New color Nike Soccer shoes are the most eye-catching
« on: January 05, 2015, 11:30:44 PM »
New color Nike Soccer shoes are the most eye-catching, in 2014, are near the end of a moment, Nike launched the fc247 series with a new color scheme. And in the past year,  victoria secret nz   Nike has brought us a lot of popular matching update. Nike Soccer shoes is the most eye-catching new color matching if there what can as Nike's lover, football club is considered to be one of the answers, be sure Nike has been trying to maintain this relationship. Fc247 football shoes in Nike's contribution in various aspects, ranging from artificial turf to the interior floor, and then cement into the streets. In 2014, certainly innovative elastico Superfly is the most attractive, of course, it is also constantly updated color scheme. New color schemes most eye-catching elastico soccer shoes Superfly Nike launches helped collar design in the lineage of the Nike Mercurial Superfly, changed our understanding of indoor and street soccer shoes for. The elastico Superfly Nike released their new color scheme of black, blue and orange.

Most eye-catching new color soccer shoes Nike, in the meantime, elastico finale also introduced a new color scheme. Nike has been holding on to their 2014 "Neon" concept design. In short Nike Grand fc247 series new color scheme ended in 2014, and we very much agree with these more subtle designs. This series continues to fascinate us, and if fc247 as the beginning of 2015, we welcome!Team's last practice at Campbell Stadium, today's training will be focused in the gym. A special meaning, became 4th training this morning wearing adidas training suit of the Chinese team's last practice, 3rd with Oman's game is tournament final game dressed in adidas suit. Chinese Football Association will be officially declared today, Nike's cooperation with China team. National soccer team officially declared signed Nike as early as the end of last year, with China's 30 years of cooperation between the team has come to an end, before their contract offer only half the 80 million a year sponsorship, far less than their competitors. But, according to our contract, the Chinese Football

Association after the received a final offer from Nike, they still have to notify the adidas, to wait for their final match offer. This point was January 3, 2015, as long as Addy is willing to match quotes, China Team sponsor adidas. Similar scene recently as Japan has staged. Was also a Japan national team and adidas contract year, but PUMA suddenly intervened, giving Japan a far higher than in the previous national team out of the adidas sponsorship amount, but according to the contract Japan national team still had to wait for our final offer. Taking into account Japan's importance in Asia, Addie eventually companies match a contract offer made by Puma, significant for Japan National Team sponsor, which makes Japan became the only on adidas at this Asian Cup. But upon return to the China Team, adidas has failed to perform in Japan to fight back. January 3Days at the end of the quotation, adidas still did not choose to match Nike's bid, which means that their 30-year cooperation with the China team was over.


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