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New balance classics shoes were "a surprise attack",
« on: February 09, 2015, 12:41:12 AM »

New balance classics shoes were "a surprise attack", "my friend in Haiyan Wan Jing department store spent hundreds of dollars to buy a pair of ' some ' shoes have been primed to come home and find it's not really ' cool shoes, ' just looks almost exactly the same!" Recently, the salt people tweeting about Miss Chen a shoe events their friends, call them "some", "a new balance" silly confusion, attracted numerous Internet.air max 1     This "different kinds" nor that "new balance", Wan Jing department store after redecorating, sea salt, and introduced several new brands, shoe Department on the first floor opened the "some" sports shoes counter. Miss Chen's friend, when shopping, seeing a pair of n-letter style of shoe, thought that the brand is the "new balance", then spent nearly 500 Yuan to buy a pair. Back a careful look at the results, this "different kinds" nor that "new balance". "Shoes are so similar, but also in the Mall, does not know, of course, you want to be fooled. "In the post questioned whether Miss CHAN, this is shanzhai goods?, how many buy for the first time," some "shoe customers being deceived? Yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to Wan Jing department store, sea salt, and found the "some" sports shoes counter. According to the information displayed on the tag, the brand shoes for "new barlun some"

which is now some (China) limited, the site for Quanzhou city in Fujian province, children's shoes and men's and women's shoes for adults, ranging in price from 200 Yuan to 800 Yuan. Interview in the, from customer said, red blue alternate, and blue late yellow word, and yellow black mosaic.... air max 180    .. "some" of shoes regardless of is color match and also is models style, on even uppers Shang logo sex of caps "n", are and United States of "new balance new hundred LUN" shoes has within minutes alike, if not carefully distinguish, also really thought is same brand of shoes. "Some" and "a new balance" are two different brands to counter staff as a reporter when questioned, the staff member said, "it is our own brand ' some ' is not available on the ' new balance ', our shoes and quality can be guaranteed, and the price is relatively cheap, cost-effective, and please rest assured purchase. "At this time, a female customer tried on a pair of shoes priced at 399 dollars

 and was ready to pay the husband reminded her that this was not really a" new balance "shoes, the woman gave up the purchase. Shoes are fake or knockoff?Reporters via telephone on the tag to East China's Fujian province, "some" company, the company's Manager to inform reporters that: "' some ' and ' new balance ' are two brands of goods, there is no relationship between the two. Our shoes are developed and manufactured, and has obtained a business registration certification, is authentic. "The firm's staff also said that" some "shorthand sign is" n ", is a line of action" n ", and the United States" new balance "shorthand sign is" NB "is an entity of" n ", both trademarks are quite different. Meanwhile, "some" price with the "new balance" are not the same, relatively inexpensive, is taking the Middle Road. In this regard, many netizens in the Twitter message expressing my own views. Netizen "Eros AB rubbish" said: "I see that some relationship ADI Wang with new balance and adidas, not fake, fake goods. "Friends" in the evening a villain, "says," can't see what's illegal, others are registered trademarks. "Friends" with hoes driving around in my car, "said:" this can only blame himself for not seeing people just walking! "


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