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which affect the competitiveness of the Ultimate team. However it was found that although a lot of playing time but always avoid injuries, but the German international also announced its own secrets. 'Munich Daily': Muller revealed the secret they do not hurt in the Bundesliga this season, Muller is 2373 minutes of playing time, second only to Neuer, Bernat, Levante, ranked fourth in the Bayern Ultimate team. Levante this season, but also through injury, but Muller has never been plagued by injuries. Muller regard to 'Kicker' magazine jokingly said, 'my body was due mainly to strong subjective  cheap fifa coins will, I think the injury will not help his career, so I decided I better do not hurt.' But then Mu Le is a more serious attitude answer to this topic, 'I have a pair of sharp eyes, always able to see dangerous situations. Also in training, I'm not in every confrontation are desperate adventure. There I his body is very understanding, once I feel pain, I can judge for themselves can adhere to the FIFA 16 game, or the doctor and therapist must accept checks. 'Apparently, Mueller for his body to protect very well, he has 16 for the season FIFA 16 players total 216 weeks of injury Bayern, Muller really teach that to his Ultimate teammates more such tips.


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