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Mourinho Fury: scandal! Against Chelsea
« on: December 29, 2014, 01:56:17 AM »

Mourinho Fury: scandal! Against Chelsea in the Premier League referees should be ashamed.A 1-1 draw, Mourinho's Chelsea fail to take all three points, it also opened the gap with Manchester City, further consolidating the chance to top the standings, team manager Jose Mourinho furious after the game, in his opinion, the referee's misjudgment let Chelsea lost a penalty that should have  nike roshe run dam       had the opportunity. The controversial scene appeared in 55 minutes of the match, Fabregas breakthrough tower gate fell on the right side of the area, referee Taylor believed Fabregas dived and gave him a yellow card. Slow-motion replay revealed that Gately had indeed met CESC Fabregas   nike air presto sverige     even if the ball is not liable to a penalty, penalty Fabregas dived too far-fetched, this decision also angered Mourinho. Plus League Kos TA and Cahill has also been the judge believes that a diver and a yellow card, backlog of Mourinho's anger erupted.

 Mourinho's rage against the referee after the game: "I really can't believe that the referee did not award a penalty, everyone knew it was a penalty. Why Fabregas will get a yellow card? Because the referee made a mistake, people will make mistakes, and he made a mistake, a big mistake, he is a very good referee, as far as I know is a good man. He's still young, still has a long career, but this is a huge mistake. nike free run dam   Can I trust in Southampton great defense, good organization, and a positive spirit, closer solidarity between the players and so on. I can see the effort of my players, they all want to win, especially in the second half we controlled the game. But still I can not understand such a penalty decision, or can I say, it looks like the result of a campaign. ”"In other countries, so that's going to be news on the front page, because it would be a scandal. nike free run 2 herr    I think it's clear, now the result looks like a campaign against Chelsea. In early-season games against Burnley, was accused of diving Costa collect a yellow card, while Burnley should have been sentenced to a penalty + red card. A few months later we lost 2 points in the same way, Fabregas should have won a penalty when they get a yellow card. In the soccer world, we have been working hard or that we should try to change those bad things, but now we have twice encountered such light penalties, this is unbelievable.

"Mourinho did not forget to subsequently attacked referee Anthony Taylor, he said:" If you get a penalty then you are likely to win the game, but you didn't get a penalty does not say, but also got a yellow card, which makes it very difficult to accept. For the referee to the situation of course is simply to muddle through, Taylor only needs to look at the replays and realize you've made a mistake, he is a good man, an honest man, nike free 5.0 herr      he wrote, "I made a mistake, CESC Fabregas to revoke the yellow card", it's that simple. But for us, this is very bad booking decisions, I am not referring to all of the calls, but especially those who are critical of officiating. ”Mourinho believes it all began with West Ham boss Sam Allardyce to Chelsea players diving accusations, which put pressure on coaches to referee is clearly had a negative impact on Chelsea, he said: "there is no reason, Allardyce began talking about the Chelsea players diving and is a coach of another to do. You can understand why a coach would say that Chelsea players diving after the race? After every game they are all saying the same thing. Referees are human beings and they will react to this. Within 15 minutes I will go and meet Tyler, smoothly for the new year I will bless him and told him that when he saw TV replays, he will feel ashamed of. ”


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