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Mikelimikelimikeli a pink jersey of Sicilian Club Palermo
« on: December 20, 2014, 01:12:12 AM »

Mikelimikelimikeli a pink jersey of Sicilian Club Palermo, Serie a in recent years is one of the most notable teams. They have a crazy President Maurizio zamparini, again he fired guidolin; they have lost in front of the traditional, from Tony, amauri, CAVANI and now Dioila; their Sicilian Derby with Catania, hot, also make a fan major unrest, the events that killed officer Raciti. Who was perhaps the most insane season 2006-07 season in the top three, but the end of the season before joining Fabrizio miccoli, nike roshe run dam   
     has become a symbol of this team, people deeply impressed with the stocky little fat. Miccoli's early fame at Perugia, and then snapped up by Juve. Although he was small, but very fast, with good dribbling technique, shot is quite threatening. In addition, he is a good penalty "spoon" nike air presto sverige     the shootout players. As a second striker, he was able to create opportunities in response to, or you can score yourself. At Juventus, he performed well, but believes he and Alessandro del Piero at the location when the battle is unfair, thus by the Bianconeri on loan at Fiorentina and Benfica respectively

 came to Palermo until the summer of 2007. Six years in Sicily, Fabrizio miccoli became a national icon, and also became the top scorer in the history of Palermo. Jiyesajiyesajiyesa 2003-04Last season, playing in Serie a team Siena did well for the first time, Taddei, weierjiasuola and nike free run dam  other people in your team that gave people a deep impression, but their number one weapon is Veteran striker Enrico Chiesa. Once in Parma dominated that year, participated in the European Cup and World Cup striker,  nike free run 2 herr    had just walked out of the serious injuries, in the summer of 2003 to join the team that has just been upgraded. His first season, he scored 10 goals, and Empoli Tuscany and a hat-trick in the Derby.

 Is considered degraded popular Siena before season ranked 13th, Enrico Chiesa credited. During the 2003-06 season in three years, as Siena striker relegation team shift, from Flo to Carlo, and Erjon Bogdani and Marazzina, but Enrico Chiesa's club captain and soul. In those three years, Enrico Chiesa nike free 5.0 herr   scored in double figures every year. In addition to the outstanding technology and consciousness, Enrico Chiesa in training is always very hard, that's why he kept in good condition. Enrico Chiesa once joked that he "runs distances longer than a marathon runner". Baggio and xigenuoli retired, he also once occupied the active players in Serie a top scorer in the top spot. Enrico Chiesa was brilliant, but suffered injuries in, but he found himself in Siena.


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