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Messi outbreak this year! Goal assists finish
« on: February 08, 2015, 06:58:46 PM »

Messi outbreak this year! Goal assists finish highest in all Europe and explosive Ronaldo.After this round of La Liga game, rivals Athletic Bilbao as Barca coach Barbed emotion:  nike free 3.0    "Messi is a perfect technical player, he's an incredible player. Anything under pressure, he can cope with. "In the new Saint Metz Stadium witnessed the performance of Lionel Messi, Barbed say it is no surprise. 5-2-killing in the game, scored 5 goals from Lionel Messi and Barcelona are inextricably linked, and this game is another strong showing for Macy's performance so far this year. The first 15 minutes, Messi down the 30-yard left-footed direct free kick shot through the ball hit the wall and deflected Lionel Messi helped Barcelona take the lead in scoring. This also Macy's 32nd goal of the season, with 23 League, currently only 5 goals difference from ailing Ronaldo recently. The 26 minute, and Messi's return, helped Luis Suarez scored his career first in La Liga against goals. On the other side just after the break

 after 62 minutes and Argentina helped Barca continue to pull the score gap. Ivan rakitic points, Suarez crosses on the right side of the area, Messi away from close range volley upon volley hit Demarcus deflected into the net. La Liga Crown under the referee after the game report this ball count as own-goal,   nike free 4.0        Messi missed an opportunity to brush the goal count. Messi all surrounded by smart planning goal Messi (4 left) facing the crowd surrounded by smart planning goal on 64 minutes, Messi's pass was missed by Harvey smart, neymar, 16 yards to the left into the far corner of the area, Argentina once again onto a secondary attack. 86thMinute goal from Sergio Busquets, Pedro assists, but Messi's contribution should not be overlooked during the scoring process. He then dribbled up front, in the face of all the other defensive players carry the ball long walk fearlessly. Then, Messi from the Defense finds a path in the crowd, deft pass to Sergio Busquets, making the latter assisting Pedro scored. 1 shot 2 plus 1 great goal planning, Messi was unstoppable.

In 2015, in the great Lionel Messi completed 5 assists were the most in the League, 12 League meetings this season La Liga assists not only assists first, look to the five highest League is in the forefront. Five League, Messi is 2015 goal numbers than any other player. 8 goals, look to five League, no one may 2015 more League goals than Messi. But this season he has completed 16 assists in all competitions, which last season had more total data than he had two. After entering in 2015, Messi scored 10 goals in 9 games finished, 7 assists, and his greatest rival for Ronaldo because of bad results in 2 La Liga games, played only 7 games, data was 4 goals, 1 assists. It is clear that for the moment, Messi State than Portugal who are much more fiery. Although Ronaldo completed competitions altogether 36 goals this season, and Messi with 32 goals came in second, considering that Messi's injury was missing earlier this season for a long time, such data have been very good. And the taking into account of Macy's recently booming State, recently completed on Ronaldo's tally scored in the near future! Miss the 2014After the annual Golden Globe Awards, Macy's at the Golden Globes this year is the absolute leader in the competition. Like this makes Barca had made the longest 9-game winning streak of the season from the top of the La Liga Real Madrid they will just a 1 minute, led by Lionel Messi, champions launch powerful thrust.


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