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Men can also show high heels! Speaking of high heels
« on: February 06, 2015, 07:02:18 PM »

Men can also show high heels! Speaking of high heels, most people would associate with women. That's right, in memory of the people, high heels are feminine products. Can often see such a lens, a fashion girl, foot pedal 10cm, glass slender glasses of "stiletto" on the street at your ease, very impressive. Now, of course, high heels heel height beyond the 12.7-17.8 cm "stiletto" and 6.35 cm in "high heels", as well as series such as low, medium and, at the same time, wedges, chunky heels also had on the fashion t table stand feet. But anyway,  nike free run 2    still turns around the women in high heels. High heels and a woman for granted became "Siamese twins", a bombshell hit, men began to wear heels. Hearing this news, $literal first thing that flashed in my mind is Zeng Re broadcast of Korea drama in my sassy girl scene: "heroine command boyfriend to wear high heels", and then one day, this scene is with a man named Han Huo fire became a reality. In fact, Korea's fire that a pair of high heels stepping on my feet, and at best will be increased implicitly open, no need to make a fuss. To know about 1500 years ago, born of high heels is for men. 1500 years later, when the men met again high heel, increasing the elevation of both, large body sizes

based on the tiny heel does very well appreciate a woman hard? Fast fashion high heels in love:: ★ ★ ☆☆☆ hyperbole, out of place, unique, are not playing by the rules of fashion, speed is always prompt. Now, some small shoe factories in the South have launched men's high heels. However, see New York street photography lens, already photos of high heels men pedal, speed was slow to catch up in the country by half a beat, nike free run 3     and thus poses as a hipster part of man is less thought and research time, you have landed on the "high heels". In the interview, Xiao Li is the designer of the 27 years old this year, is also recognized people in the circle of friends, t blow wind on stage, he would buy, now there are three shoes he has. "A as well as riding boots, a dwarf with about 3cm, dual-sports series-like platform shoes as ' high heels '. "Interview in the, said up himself wear heels, small Lee also has little sorry, in he seems, this only just fashion t stage of pop wind, and now like harmony square, and constant long, and million up,, many brand are placed has men with must heel of shoes," these shoes appearance looks is like female paragraph, I is asked had sales member only knows is just pop up of male paragraph. "Xiao Li, told reporters that he doesn't want to take limelight in high heels, styles when the election will be as low key as possible, wearing only their own purpose pursued fashion so, only this. When the day comes when high heels at Dim t stage, they will immediately move on. Favorite neutral beauty high heels in love: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆When Korean fire fire walk with high heels

 wearing designer clothing, with his name and cannot resist heat, in the name of fashion when swept, heels destined on gender as male fashion t table fire. Sure enough, on China's got talent, "fashion party" combination of men and women in uniform black dress paired with 15 cm out in high heels, sexy beautiful dances, conquered the Zhou, Gao and other judges; again on happy camp, creative show male dancers in high heels, but lost to them is Rainie shouted "sexy" ... ... Please note here in one word: "sexy". When in neutral winds sweeping the fashion world, sexy is no longer a woman's proper noun. Look at that a bit slender lines of the male, and revealing of feminine beauty, absentminded people have, "high heels and they are a match made in heaven." Yesterday, reporters ran into such a male near quancheng square: cute face, slender body, the upper part of small leather and thick wool scarf, over leggings, wearing a pair of yellow "platform shoes," moments will be increased 3 cm in height. "The relationship may be due to, I like also for normal air. "During the interview, the consumers told reporters that high heels series, athletic like platform shoes, high heels and Horseshoe with his favorite, is popular in the past, he will continue to wear, but like stilettos seen on TV, he's not going to try.


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