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Mazer! Bryant welcomed Steven Gerrard:
« on: January 08, 2015, 12:50:51 AM »
Mazer! Bryant welcomed Steven Gerrard: to bring Los Angeles champion. Gerrard has formally defining the end of the season to join the Los Angeles Galaxy,  zara ankle boots uk    and as sports chiefs in Los Angeles, played Los Angeles Lakers [Twitter] Kobe Bryant also cheered the arrival of Gerard, he expressed the hope that Gerrard will as Los Angeles brought the Championship trophy again. LA Galaxy announced today that Steven Gerrard joined the team, as head of the Los Angeles sports stars, NBA Lakers star Kobe Bryant was happy to hear this, when in an interview he warmly welcomed the arrival of Steven Gerrard. "Welcome to Los Angeles, and focus on your game for a long time, I'm your fan, and I appreciate your comprehensive, offensive and leadership. Come here to enjoy life in Los Angeles, beating those guys, to Los Angeles to bring a trophy! "Kobe Bryant PG fracture of normal play the Clippers meet cold Hao is expected to start.The Lakers will play the Clippers on today, Kobe Bryant will play normal today, while Ronnie price of nasal bone fracture most likely will not play today, Lin is expected to return to the lineup.

 Kobe Bryant in the Lakers ' last game in back-to-back games with the Blazers selected the truce last 9 games he recess 4 games, yesterday there was news that he will not play today, but message is displayed before the game Kobe would normally play. Another starting price in the game, zara high heels uk      was hit in the nose, nasal bone fracture, even worse is that price caught a cold today. According to Byron Scott said, when he saw price this morning, he felt bad. Trauma and injury, price likely will not play today. If the price could not be on stage, Lin will likely return to the starting lineup, Lin had 15 consecutive games from the bench, in the past 15 games, he can get up to 9 points and 4.1 assists per game while shooting for 41.2%. The Lakers will play the Clippers on today, this is what they play for the second time this season, drove for the first time the Clippers won 118:111, who won the Los Angeles Lakers 4 times in the Derby, in a home game against the Lakers when they won 4 times. Knight two first-round pick in Exchange for Mozgov Center is the right hand

According to Yahoo Sports reported that Knight and Denver, two teams have reached a deal, Knight sends out 2 future first-round draft picks, and the Russia National Center dimofei-Mozgov. In fact, Knight Chase Mozgov since last summer, but was denied by the nuggets. In order to obtain the White Center, Knight is willing to send out 2 future first-round draft picks. Recently, the Knight through a deal with the Knicks and Thunder in the tripartite transactions received a future first-round draft picks. This season, the Cavs ' Interior Defense a lot of problems, so they have always wanted to be able to introduce a rim protector. Especially with the Brazil centre-forward Anderson Varejao after the season due to injury, reinforcement inside of Knight's desire to become more intense. It is worth mentioning that, Knights coach David Blatter in the Russia national team manager to have coached Mozgov. According to woshen said, Knight in this deal sends out 2 first-round pick came from the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder.


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