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Marco di VAIO (with Figure 7: di VAIO)
« on: December 20, 2014, 12:53:36 AM »

Marco di VAIO (with Figure 7: di VAIO), Marco di VAIO is different from teams such as Siena, Palermo, Serie a Bologna team won 7 times and does not count as a small team. But the last time they won already, 1963-64 season, and recent performance is not satisfactory.  nike air max skyline dam     Filed in recent years of Bologna, is the most impressive are without doubt Italy striker Marco di VAIO. Force four years even though he missed the record, but he left his mark on this team. 2008 Bologna team had just promoted to Serie a, although Volpi in the team, c-Cristian Zenoni's outstanding players, but di VAIO is undoubtedly the core of the team. First round of the season, di VAIO netted a goal to help Bologna, 2-1 away over AC Milan.

That season, di VAIO scored 24 goals in the League final, you know Roberto Baggio, scored 22 goals in one season, but also in Bologna. Italy veteran scorer billiga nike air max nike air max online    second place eventually, off the top of Zlatan Ibrahimovic sent a ball. In four years in Bologna, di VAIO scored 65 League goals in total, relegation set again for the team many times. 2010-11 season, he scored twice to help beat Juventus Bologna again after 30 years on the road. And Atlanta as Doni, di VAIO Bologna, won Government awards, only two players won the award before. 2011-12 season, he scored twice to help Bologna beat inter, Marco di VAIO also completed a clean sweep of the top three in Serie a. Two months ago, nike air max 2013 herr     38, announced his retirement after Marco di VAIO in the North American swing for two years, and one of the Kidd said goodbye to professional football in Serie a.Hubuneierhubuneierhubuneier said the idea League old and solid story, lots of people will immediately think of Dario Hubner and his 2001-02 season, the team's surprising performance in Piacenza. Dario Hubner was originally a furniture factory Carpenter (you can see some clues from his appearance), called "wild road"

 so also developed a bad habit of some occupations, such as smoking. When played in Brescia, he was photographed smoking on the bench. Piacenza team of the year, nike air max ltd sverige     has an excellent playmaker Volpi, and amauri and matuzhalun to join the team in the future, but the relegation of the team's biggest player is still Dario Hubner. In the 2001-02 season he scored 24 goals, accounting for almost half of the Serie a scoring on the team. He was 35 years old get serie a golden boot, but to create an astonishing achievement. A reporter joked: "if he does not call Dario Hubner, but called hubuniqi (Yugoslav player) or hubuneila (Argentina players), he's worth more than $ 10 million. "Dario Hubner thanked the Piacenza for the trust, also used to score goals in this team. A late bloomer, he is a family man, he once even considered Club AC Milan for him on another planet, and thus missed the chance to join the rossoneri. In 2010, is 43 years old Dario Hubner was finally officially ended his football career. This is "Super Mario" era, who reminds the nickname "Super Dario" Dario-Dario Hubner then?


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